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History of Ancient Egypt

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Marie k

on 17 February 2015

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Transcript of History of Ancient Egypt

Chapter 11
By: Abby Widlak, Charlotte France, Marie Kieras, and Raye Pierce
Section 3 pg291
The Middle And New Kingdoms
The Old Kingdom
Work and Daily Life
The Old kingdom (Section Two)
Old Kingdom
was a period in Egyption history that lasted for about a whopping 500 years!! (from 2700 BC to 2200 BC)
History of Ancient Egypt
section 4
Egyptian Achievements
Section 1: Random Info!
Did you know the ancient Egyptians created one of the worlds first writing systems?
Some Egyptian gods are Re or Amon-Re the sun god
Osiris god of the underworld
Isis the goddess of magic.
2050-1750 BC
By the end of the Old Kingdom, Egypt had a booming 2000 people!! :)

Ancient Egyptians for some weird reason thought that Egypt was divided into two parts the Red Land and the Black Land.

The Egyptians also created papyrus.
Pg. 298
As society developed during the Old Kingdom, Egypt traded with some of its neighbors.
Much of the religion focuses on the afterlife or life after death. The Egyptians believed that the afterlife is a happy place. In Egypt, before they mummify someone
The After Life
Farmers and other Peasants
Family Life in Egypt
Section 3 Vocab
Merchants and Traders
The Floods of the Nile
Because of little rainfall in the region most of Egypt was a desert.Each year though rain fell far to the South of Egypt and in the high lands of East Africa, and because of this the Nile flooded every year.
Historians & archaeologists have known about hieroglyphics for centuries and did not know how to read them.
The Rosetta Stone is a huge stone slab that was inscribed with hieroglyphics.
The ancient Egyptians were not only famous for their writing system.
Barriers and Protection
The Temple of Karnak was Egypt's largest temple.
The Egyptians believe that the after life is a happy place.
Egypt had everything that they wanted including protection.
Food Production
(And that's not even the specifics)
When hunters first moved to the Nile Valley they had a lot of food to live off of like fish, wild animals, and plants.

Egypt's temples are so popular because of the art they contain.
The end
Thank YOU For Listening/watching
Random Cat!!!
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