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Gene Monahan

on 27 October 2016

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Transcript of Slavary

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The farmers started making seed beds and then planting the tobacco in as early as January. The young plants were moved to large fields and each plant was cared for it as it grew.
John Rolfe introduced the tobacco plant to the Virginia colony. Those tobacco seeds became the seeds of a huge economic empire. By 1630, over a million and a half pounds of tobacco were being exported from Jamestown every year
Then the Europeans started growing tobacco so they could trade it for profit. They could use it as a cash crop because you could make money off of tobacco.
Eric henry
When tobacco started growing:
People started growing tobacco in 1612.
Once it started up the Europeans wanted it so they started to trade with the American Indians.

Where tobacco started
Tobacco first originated in Jamestown Virginia in 1612.
Jamestown tobacco history
By Eric Henry
life of slavory
On farm people bought slaves to do the work for them. thoes on smaller farms lived in kitchens near the farmers house.
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