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for Grand demo

Rendy Rendon

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Chromosomes

Autosomes TYPES Kinds Positions Evaluation Parts Small Karyotype 1. Part of the chromosome that serves as a protective structure.
2. It is considered to be a critical area due to its exposure to the environment.
3. Position of the centromere that is in the middle of p-arm and q-arm.
4. How do you write the result of karyotyping?
5. Identify the disease from this karyotype. created by: Joahna Marie B. Rendon CHROMOSOMES 2 types of Chromosomes 3 Kinds of Chromosomes
(based on size) If there are types of chromosomes, then there are also kinds, right? Positions??? Sex-chromosomes Medium Large Metacentric Submetacentric Acrocentric Telocentric How to do
karyotyping? What is karyotype? 1. Cut 2. Find and pair homologous chromosomes 3. Arrange by size
>metacentric (L-S)
>subetacentric (L-S)
>acrocentric (L-S) Objectives 1. Identify the parts of chromosomes
2. Compare the chromosomes in terms of size and position of centromeres
3. Assemble and analyze karyotype
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