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Using Twitter to Brand Yourself & Build an Online Community

This Prezi will provide best practices using Twitter for students in IST 444.

Allison Kowalski

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Using Twitter to Brand Yourself & Build an Online Community

Using Twitter to Brand Yourself &
Build an Online Community Use your name, or something easy to remember
Be consistent across all platforms Create your Twitter handle Upload an avatar & write a bio Keep avatar simple
Tell people what you do-elevator pitch
Share your personality
Write something personal (this gives you a humanistic side)
Add link to portfolio or LinkedIn account Add handle to business cards,
resume & email signature Search for people to follow & follow hash tags.
It is OK to lurk in the beginning Become an expert in an area; be passionate about information you tweet Share videos, links or resources.
Question: What info should you, or should not, tweet? Don't be afraid to make the first move
Ask a question
Jump into a conversation
Tweet someone first (SU alumns met on Twitter, and recently became engaged It's about quality, not quantity Twitter is not a popularity content
You do not need 1,000-plus followers to make an impression You don't have to thank each new follower, but note followers who
offer good advice Tweet regularly; avoid automated
tweets & retweet overload Increases your community
Do not go on hiatus; can become a second-nature habit Market yourself or company online & build a brand
Engage followers & build a community by tweeting good information and creating two-way conversations Acknowledge @ replies in a timely manner First, you need to develop to decide what Twitter will be for: personal, professional or both
Then, create and implement a strategy Use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to maintain accounts Build a Company's Brand/Presence on Twitter Let followers know who is tweeting-gives account a humanistic side Twitter background, avatar and bio should resemble company colors,
logo and design; uniformity is key Put Twitter handle on email signatures & business cards; place widget on website
Keep in mind what you learned about marketing your brand; this info can transcend to a company or organization It's about conversation and customer service, not a hard-sell of your product
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