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Kathleen Stanton

on 21 July 2018

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Transcript of 2018 NCPEID

How Design Thinking helped shape our story and our vision...
Our Roots...Our Mission & Vision
Transforming lives and empowering individuals with disabilities through adapted physical activity.
Watering our Roots.....Directional Themes
Test & Implement
Envisioning Together, Sustaining Community

Amy Oliver, MS
Coordinator, Adapted Movement Programs

Katie Stanton-Nichols, Ph.D.
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
School of Health & Human Sciences


culture (disability, Indiana, educational)

civically engaged campus (IARSLCE; Carnegie Classification for Civic Engagement; Sam H. Jones Scholarship)

sustainable programming

"institutionalizing" programs

design with community in mind

commitment to family-centered programming
Envisioning Together
The IUPUI Adapted Movement Programs (AMP) offer family-centered, community-based physical activity programs for all individuals with disabilities. We believe quality physical activity and exercise equip people with enhanced opportunities for healthy, independent, and dignified living.

Utilizing undergraduate kinesiology students and trained volunteers who are educated in best-practice service delivery, we are committed to providing clients with specialized individual programming that meet their specific needs.
Design Thinking & Strategic Planning
IUPUI Herron School of Art
Collaborative Action Research in Design
Focus Groups
Stakeholder Interviews
Challenge Statements
"How might we...."
Directional Themes
mission & vision statements
Brand & logo development
New program development
online registration/payment
annual fundraiser
more formalized advisory board committees
development of student scholarship

Advisory Council
Student feedback
Participant feedback
Challenge Statements
"APAC" stood for Adapted Physical Activity Clinics
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