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COMM 340-Coachella Prezi

No description

Selin Kaynak

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of COMM 340-Coachella Prezi

Coachella 2013:
Let's Get Social! By Selin Kaynak & Troi Jackson
Channels used to engage: Website
Facebook Foursquare
Google +
RFID Wristbands 5 Reasons
Social Media Campaign Worked: Ubiquitous Connectivity: Knowing the Power
of a Photo Making it Mobile! How does Coke's Superbowl 2013 launch stand up to
Coachella's marketing campaign? Sorry Coke, your 2013 Super Bowl launch just doesn't stand a chance next to Coachella Coachella as a BRAND: going
the music Fashion Freestyle fans
connect and share in various ways... * Generate BUZZ
* Share INFO
* Capture MEMORIES Keeps the
People Talking! Fun! Unstable site interactivity Distraction from main event Coachella is an ENGAGEMENT GENIUS! Reasons this
FAILED Coa-Dodgeball! Coa-Yoga!
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