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06.01 Economic Relationships

No description

Emily Patrick

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of 06.01 Economic Relationships

06.01 Economic Relationships
Water Pollution
By Emily Patrick
Mr. Hernandez
Economics Honors
Business Firms
Rest of the World
The government buys merchandise that is needed to filter and run the irrigation system through this market.
The government needs to obtain loans from the financial market in order to pay for the products, programs, and jobs to enforce water purification.
People pay taxes to the government in order to preserve the regulation of pure water.
The government ensures the community with pure water that will not cause illness.
Citizens buy bottled water from the product market.
Those who are hired to work in the programs and businesses that purify the water earn an income.
People start water cleaning organizations or donate to current organizations by buying stocks or loans
The product market provides the people with the ability to get BPA free water and other products that were produced in clean water that do not cause any disease.
Business firms hire labor from factory markets and exchange factors of production; such as components of land, labor, and capital. The businesses, for example provide equipment to companies regulating water pollution as a trade for purified water.
Businesses gain revenue from the purchasing of goods and services that provide access to hygienic water
The product market benefits from goods and services produced by the business firms because it allows smaller companies to sell products already made and approved; for instance, water bottles
Products being exported to other countries include bottle water, water safety containers, and healither water.
Items and equipment manufactured to assemble or hold the purified water may come from other countries around the world.
Business firms spend their money on production and machinery in order to get clean water in return.
Other countries can get a loan through our financial market to start organizations and businesses that provide purified water. This has a positive impact on other countries economic situation by producing more goods and services that create clean water.
The financial market administers loans to foreign countries so they can make their own irrigation system for producing pure water.
Business firms get money to borrow and stocks to invest that they may use to help their business prosper by getting advanced equipment and desired goods for the manufacturing of healthy water.
Research Notes
1. We rely on clean water to survive; therefore, we need to protect our water from pollution. Water pollution has a negative impact because it contaminates the water making it unhealthy for consumption. Ingestion of the chemicals in the polluted water could lead to disease. Nonetheless, water pollution also creates more jobs which has a positive effect on our economy.

2. Members of my community believe that pollution is bad for our health; however as long as controlled, it is beneficial to increasing the amount of jobs available.
The issue if water pollution affects the government, households, business firms, and the rest of the world differently; however, they all work together in unison. Local residents benefit by receiving purified water and more jobs as well as income. If we do not use irrigation systems then the health of local citizens is at risk. Business firms establish businesses to get rid of water pollution through purchasing equipment in exchange for purified water. With the clean water the business makes revenue from the product market sales. The government is responsible for containing the problem of water pollution. Water pollution increases the government taxes to the people in order for them to have enough money to start local irrigation organizations that reduce the contamination of H20 in the area. Pollution of water in our country impacts the rest of the world by reducing exportation of water and products grown in water to other countries; if our water is hazardous then other countries will not want any products exported from us. Because of the pollution, the government must use the countries finances to clean the water, this creates a disput over cleaning up pollution or reducing taxes. Overall as long as we keep water pollution under control, then our economy and environment are safe do to the increase in jobs.
Chart Analysis
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