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Life Of A 13 Year old In The 1800s

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Jewel Smad

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Life Of A 13 Year old In The 1800s

Life Of A 13 Year old In The 1850-1860s
vs. Life in 2014 for a 13 Year-old

In the 1800s the jobs were based on gender:

Girls: Boys:
-Milking cows -Carrying water to the house
-Gardening -Feeding livestock
-Taking care of younger children -Gathering firewood
-Churning butter -Putting up fences
-Spin, knit, sew -Hunting
-Cook -Farming
- Care for the elderly
Chores/Work In 2014
People in the 1800s had very little entertainment:
-Reading (newspapers)
-Visiting family/friends
-Writing letters to each other about their life
-Religious services
Entertainment/fun in 2014
We have much more entertainment:
-Sports we like -More subjects in school
-Our phones -Puzzles and riddles
-The computer -Music
-Video games
-Visiting family & friends
-Our siblings
The teens in the 1800s dressed and acted like adults:
Girls: Boys and Girls:
-Sleeves puffed at the shoulders -Dressed like adults
-Floor length dresses -Both females and males wore wigs, but
-Long hair and curls mostly males
-Chokers -Handed clothes to their siblings to save
-High heels money
-Dressed in layers
Boys: -Had one outfit for Sundays ( church)
-Long boots
-Top hats
-Side burns
Fashion in 2014
Teens Nowadays dress age-appropriate:
Girls: Boys and Girls:
-Dresses (any length) -Sweaters
-Shorts - T-shirts
-Skirts -Sweatpants
-Leggings -Jeans
-Yoga pants -Piercings
-Necklaces -Tank tops
-Straight or curly hair
Boys: -Shoes that are age appropriate (converse)
-Long shorts (most girls don't wear them)

Daily Life
School: Home:
-Learned how to read, write and do math -Work day started before the sun rose
-Some students lived with their teacher -Attended religious services
-Walked about 2-3 miles to school -Got married at 14-16 years old
-Didn't graduate
-Used slates
-Used to bring firewood to school
-Some students 14-15 were hired as teachers

Boys and girls share jobs:
-Vacuum -Cleaning the washroom
-Clean our rooms -Gardening
-Put dishes in the dishwasher/take them -Lawn mowing
out/put them away
-Homework -.-
-Clean mirrors/windows

Daily Life in 2014
School: Home:
-Have a variety of subjects -Flushable toilets
-Have heaters at school, we don't use firewood -Different activities (figure skating,
-Walking takes 5 minutes Cheerleading, dance, basketball)
-Have buses for people that live farther -Some go to church
-Teachers don't live with us -Most of us are urban, we don't have
-We use paper, not slates and we take notes farms
-Grade 8 graduation coming up -Boys and girls share jobs
-Teachers no younger than their 20s -Have multiple outfits instead of
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