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Lower Drinking Age

Make the drinking age 18

samantha breanna orr

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Lower Drinking Age

Drinking Age: Change or Keep It?? We Want Change!! At the age of 18, you are considered an adult. With this privilege, you can vote, buy and smoke cigarettes, married without parents' consent, fight for your country, and be tried as an adult. Once 18, you enter the big world of responsibility and reality.

Drinking is an important factor in lives of young people today. Making the drinking age 18 would let 18 year olds make another decisions that would impact their lives.

According to ProCon.org, 18 is the age where a person becomes an adult and can make decisions on their own, and drinking should be one of those choices. You can go to a club at 18, so why can't you drink there too? The legal drinking age should be 18 years old. Since 1982, that statistics of drunk driving fatalities have fallen at a stead rate. This recorded started 2 years before changing the drinking age back to 21. This statistic shows that drinking at 18 wouldn't cause an increase in drunk drivers than it does at age 21. There was a decline in the numbers before the drinking age was moved to 21. Therefore, changing the drinking age would not increase the number of fatalities due to drunk driving.

Actually, according to Alcohol Alert, less drunk driving is due to education [about drunk driving] not to changing the drinking age. Changing the drinking age vs Drunk Driving http://drinkingage.procon.org/ Proportion of 83 countries' MLDAs (if any) from
ages 14 to 21 on their drinking ages www.alcoholalert.com, 2011 There are hundreds of 18 year olds who, if they could, would go to a bar and drink. They are spending their money on the liquor, and the economy is improving! Yes, the economy is doing okay with people 21 and older buying, but with more people buying then the economy will have more money and maybe prices would go up on that and down on gas!!

The tax from the alcohol would help give our economy the boost that it needs. Restaurants would be making more money from selling the alcohol and possibly offering more jobs to those who are unemployed. The economy would benefit
from a lower drinking age http://jaltcoh.blogspot.com/2009/03/my-economic-stimulus-plan-lower.html The END!!!!!

Andi, Deric, Jordan, and Sam
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