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Laylah Chalker

No description

Susan Baker

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Laylah Chalker

Laylah Chalker
The lives of NUER people

The Nuer tribe is one of lots of tribes in
Africa. Their lives almost always
revolve around cattle. They have their
own language closely related to the ribal tribe
the Dinka's language.

The Nuer tribe's
The Nuer people commonly live in South Sudan, Africa. They call themselves at home besides the Nile River. In the middle
of there territory is lake No.
Here is a map of the region.
The Nuer tribe has a interesting history, but to shorten it I will tell you two
The Nuer tribe has almost always fought with the Dinka
The Nuer people migrated a lot in the 1800's
The culture of the Nuer tribe was very fun to learn about! Here were my 4 favorite facts
The Nuer people build only temporary homes due to the lake they live around which floods sometimes
Woman milk the cows and fetch water, while men and boys take care of the cattle.
The Nuer's people's lives revolve around cattle
scarification is maturity.
Nuer people build circular houses out of mud and clay with stick supports, and a woven like roof.
Houses are temporary due to river flooding, so the Nuer peoples houses change from one spot to another
food of the Nuer
Commonly eaten by the Nuer are stews. Porridge is also very common. The main dish is usually called a gourrassa. The meals are very healthy, and the most popular dish is Moukhbaza.
Clothing of the Nuer tribe is fairly different than clothing here.
Men prefer loose clothes while woman prefer wrap around garments. Some people wear western style clothes.
The Nuer people wear head gear such as turbans for men, and scarfs for woman.
Meaning of the flag.
Each color of the flag means something.
The colors are black, blue, a yellow star, green, and white.
Black represents the people of south Sudan.
White represents peace. Red represents blood put into making peace.
Green is for agriculture potential.
Blue for the life source, the Nile River.
The stars are for unity.

The Nuer tribe are rivals of the Dinka. They are always at war. The War between the two tribes never stops. They fight over land and territory. Sometimes one tribe ambushes another. Some people go to work and never come back because of this the two tribes arnt just enemys they are afraid of each other.
There was and is war, the Sudanese war. The war is pushing people out of homes. It's a problem.
I learned a lot about the Nuer tribe. It was fun to see how other people live in different places. The most interesting thing I learned was what each part of the flag represents. If you like to know where i got all this intereing information check the next box. Bye hope you had fun, or learned about the Nuer people, in my prezi.
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the food is right i think. But it says its wrong and underlines it anyway.
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