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Orientation 2014

No description

Aisha Rahimoon

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Orientation 2014

Welcome to


Our Evolution
Karachi Plant-2002-2005
Pezu 94-96
About the Group
About Us
Core Values
Corporate Identity
Sponsored by well known “Yunus Brothers Group” – one of the largest export houses of Pakistan, Lucky Cement Limited currently has the capacity of producing 25,000 tons per day of dry process Cement.Lucky Cement Limited (LCL) is Pakistan’s largest producer and leading exporter of quality cement with the production capacity of 7.75 million tons per anum. The company is listed on Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and London Stock Exchanges. Over the years, the Company has grown substantially and is expanding its business operations with production facilities at strategic locations in Karachi to cater to the Southern regions, Pezu and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to furnish the Northern areas of the country. Lucky Cement is Pakistan’s first company to export size able quantities of loose cement being the only cement manufacturer to have its own loading and storage terminal at Karachi Port.
Welcome Note
CEO's message
Corporate video
Evolution (History and Present)
About the Group
Brief Intro about company
Cement Manufacturing process
History and salient features of cement industry
Milestones and achievements
Benefits for employee and employee engagement
Logo Philosophy
Production Capacity
Salient Features of Cement Industry of Pakistan
History of Cement Industry of Pakistan
History and Salient Features of Cement Industry
0.5 million tons per annum (mtpa) capacity inherited in 1947.State Cement Corporation of Pakistan established in 1972. Due to insufficient Supply country had o import cement from 1977 till 1995.In1980s, 12 new plants established (7 by Private Sector and 5 by Govt).In 1990s private investors established Lucky Cement, Pioneer, Pakistan Slag (Grinding Unit), Fauji and BestwayFrom 1991 to 2001, Industry Capacity increased from 8.9 mtpa to 16.1 mtpa
Local Sales and Exports since 2001-03
Financial Analysis of Cement Industry
Cement Manufacturing Process
Product Profile
Awards and Achievements
Milestones & Achievements
Business Strategy
Sulphur Resistant Cement
Ordinary Portland Cement
Block Cement
Listed On KSE, LSE & ISE
Entered into commercial Business with production capacity of 1.2 millions/anum
Production capacity increased upto 1.5 million tons/ anum
Conversion of Kiln Firing System
Started new production line at Pezu. Inagurated new production facility in Karachi. Became the largest cement exporter from Pakistan
Started Exporting Cement
Towards Success
Started new production line (Line D) in Pezu
Started production in Karachi plant (Lines E and F)
Became largest cement producer of Pakistan.Acquired transportation fleet of bulkers and ship loaders
Became the first company to export loose cement through sea.Setup its own storage facility at Karachi Port. Got listed in London Stock Exchange
Started 7th production line at Karachi Plant, bringing the total production capacity to 7.75 million tons per anum
Waste heat recovery project started operations at both Karachi and Pezu Plants, acquired multi purpose trailers for moving all kinds of payload
Signed MOU to sell 20 MW electricity to Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO)
Set up a plant at Karachi Plant to replace coal with Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF) to further reduce cost of production

Acquired ICI Pakistan. Invested in Joint venture of cement grinding plant in Iraq and complete unit in Congo
National CSR Excellence Award
Brand of the Year Award
Annual Environment Excellence Award
Recognition from Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Awarded the Export Trophy to Lucky Cement for highest exports of cement from Pakistan.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry:
Awarded the following distinctions:
Top Sales Tax Payer Top Income Tax Payer Top Exporter Top Importer Exports Trophy 2009 – 2010
Lucky has become the first and only Pakistani company to receive level check ‘A+’ for its Sustainability Report 2012 by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).
Lucky Cement as Market Leader in Pakistan
Two Strategically Located Factories producing 25,000 M. Tons/day
Export Licenses from NSBs and ISO Certifications
Diversified Export Markets
Middle East, Africa and South Asia
Highly Cost-Efficient Production
Own Captive Power Generation
Waste –Heat Recovery
Cost Savings by TDF and RDF
Highly Advanced Supply Chain Management
Exports of Loose and Bagged Cement
Exclusive Berth & 24,000 M. Tons Storage Capacity at Karachi Port
Pneumatic Pumping System at Port
Investments and Expansion Plans in Emerging Markets
JV signed for establishing Production Unit at DR Congo
Established Grinding Mill at Iraq
Acquired 75% shares of ICI Pakistan
The largest Cement Manufacturer and Exporter of Pakistan
Meet Our Management
Meet Our People
Corporate Social Responsibility


Community Development

Waste Heat Recovery at LCL
Multi Purpose Transportation Fleet
Lucky Cement has invested in the pro-environment Waste Heat Recovery project
This project qualifies under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) within the framework of Kyoto Protocol.
We have reduced our energy cost by co-generating electricity by the wasted heat, which was previously being fed to the atmosphere.
Chinese Technology i.e. SINOMA, when operated at 80% efficiency has power generation capacity of 15MW/HR
Multi-Purpose Transportation Fleet comprising of:
40 trailers
71 bulkers (27 of 70 tons and 44 of 50 tons)
47 Primeovers
Trailers being used for transport of Bagged Cement and Coal
Each trailers can carry goods up to 80 tons
Bulkers used for transportation of loose cement
Employee Engagement
What is there for you?
Human Resource
Training & Development
Performance Management
Employee Engagement
HR Online
person at the
time for

Training & Development
Performance Management
Fair Process
for linking
Career Growth
Fair Objectives
Managing expectations of both Supervisors and Subordinates.
Tracking promises (objectives set) at the beginning of the year.
Facilitating meaningful dialogue between Supervisors and subordinates.
Establishing clear linkage between growth and career development.
Identifying development need of appraisee.
21 Annual Leaves.
Medical reimbursement and insurance.
Group Life insurance
Hajj policy.
Other Benefits
Mobile and bill expenses (according to policy).
Mileage claim (for official work).
Company maintained vehicles (for managers and above).
Loan Facility
Entitlement after 3 year and amount equal to 3 gross salaries.
Advance salary can be taken.
Employee Engagement
Nyumba ya Akiba sarl
Storage and loading Capacity at Karachi Port
In 2008 Lucky Cement established State-of-the-art Pneumatic Loose Cement Loading Plant at Karachi Port.
The Plant has capacity to load 9,000-10,000 Tons of loose cement per day.
Berth Number 25 at Karachi Port is Exclusive for Lucky Cement.
4 Silos at Port having 6,000 each storage capacity.
This set-up handled almost half a million metric tons cement in 2011-12.
HR Online
“We congratulate you on being the newest member of the Lucky family.
To make you feel home right away, we have designed a complete orientation program.
We will get you acquainted with the values that are part of us at Lucky.
Welcome Note
“ 1996 was the year when my late father Abdur Razzak Tabba laid the foundations of Lucky Cement. He, at that time, had a vision to change the way business is done. Now almost two decades later, we are on the path to pursue his dream and have brought the change and revolution that he wanted to bring in the industry. Over the years, we have came a long way and have grown in capacity, performance and image building.Today, the country knows us as the largest cement manufacturers and innovators of the industry’s best practices. With growing competition and expectations of our stakeholders, we have not only taken unconventional approaches to our business operations, but are determined to promote economic growth and sustainable development of Pakistan.For us, life is much more than just cement and concrete, It is the value and the philosophy which drives us and determines the way we work. We aim towards being ahead of the rest. For us, excellence is the top most priority. We not only innovate, we set trends and determine the way business will be done. ”Muhammad Ali Tabba
CEO's Message

Installed Production Capacity is 44.77 million tons
24 Integrated Factories in North Zone & South Zone
33.4 million tons cement produced in FY 2012-13:
Local Consumption 25.0 million tons
Exports 8.4 million tons
Main Export Markets are:
Afghanistan (by road)
Sri Lanka & Sub-Saharan Africa (by sea)
In 2012-13, Capacity Utilization was 75 %
Per Capita Consumption 125 kg
Code of Conduct and Whistle Blow Policy
The Board Members, Senior Management Personnel and all Employees of the company Shall:
Maintain highest degree of Corporate Governance practices and act in good faith.
Ensure all business transactions are recorded .
Comply with the Insider Trading Regulations.
Protect the Company’s assets and properties.
Maintain confidentiality of information.
Avoid bribery or corruption.
Provide equal opportunities to all its personnel.
Maintain a work environment free from sexual harassment.
Must not be involved in any other similar business which consumes employees time, efforts and energy without disclosure.
Avoid any dealings with a Contractor / Supplier / Dealer that compromises the ability to transact business on a professional basis.
Must disclose from the date of joining if he or any relatives are supplier.
Adhere to the Company’s CSR policy.
Refrain from conducting business with a relative.
Avoid being involve in taking any decision on a matter in which a conflict of interest can arise.

If you find any violation against code of conduct
What is Whistle Blowing
“Whistle blowing can be defined as raising a concern about a wrong doing within an organization. The concern must be a genuine concern about a crime, criminal offence, miscarriage of justice, dangers to health and safety and of the environment “

Salient Features
Code of Conduct
Blow the whistle!
Anonymous reporting
Prerequisites for blowing whistle
Must be sufficient reason to believe there is serious misconduct.
Must raise issue in good faith.
Complainants must put their names to allegations.
Must not be based on office gossip.
Must make employees feel confident that their identity will be protected.
Must reassure that blowing the whistle will serve a good purpose and appropriate action will be taken.
Must assure employees that they can make such disclosures
Must communicate appropriate steps about ethical concerns
Procedure for making a disclosure
Complaints against an employee shall be raised directly to the Ethics Committee. through a dedicated email address or postal address whether with identity or anonymously.

The Committee will then investigate and review the matter of concern.

Following will be the members of the Ethics Committee:
GM HR & Admin
GM Internal Audit and Compliance

Contact Us
Email Address:

P.O.Box Address:

PO Box 13018, Karachi, 75350

Code of Conduct & Whistle Blow Policy
Harassment or victimization of the complainant will not be tolerated and could constitute suffcient grounds for dismissal of the concerned employee.

Complainants should preferably put their names to allegations as follow-up questions and investigation would become much easier if the source of the information is identified. However, concerns expressed anonymously shall also be investigated.

Every effort will be made to protect the complainant’s identity, subject to legal constraints.

Malicious allegations by employees may result in disciplinary action
Became first Pakistani company to receive A+ rating from Global Reporting Initiative.Installation of ventomatic packing plants.Inauguration of Abdul Razzak Tabba block at IBA Karachi
Muhammad Ali Tabba
Adnan Siddiqui
Manager Coordination & Special Projects

Muhammad Faisal
Uzma Amjad Ali
GM Legal & Corporate Affairs
Mashkoor Ahmed
GM Karachi Plant
Amin Ganny
Kalim Mobeen
Director Central Marketing
I.I Haqi
Director Power Generation
Syed Hasan Mazhar Rizvi
GM Power Plant (Karachi)
Saifuddin A Khan
GM Marketing South
Humayun Khan
GM Govt Relations & Administration
Syed Najmul Absar
GM Power Plant (Pezu)
Shabbir Ahmed
GM Pezu Plant
Waqas Abrar Khan
Agha Alijan
Senior Manager Brands & Corporate Communication
Naseem Javed
Senior Manager MIS
Atif Saeed
DGM Technical
Salim Sabir
DGM Coordination
Ghulam Mustafa
Senior Manager Logistics Operations
Syed Nusrat Ali
GM Production(Karachi)
Board of Directors
Fayyaz Abdul Ghaffar
Senior DGM Finance
Aftab Ahmed
Senior DGM Treasury
Junaid Yousuf
DGM Taxation
Tippu Sultan
DGM Trade Research
Amin Husain
GM Supply Chain
Amjad Waqar
DGM Investments
GM Finance
Irfan Chawala

Noman Hassan
Executive Director
Faisal Mahmood
Head of Internal Audit & Compliance
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