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Clone Starter Kit

Singularity U EP Dec 2012

Raymond McCauley

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Clone Starter Kit

DNA Extraction Workshop Clone Starter Kit Kristina Hathaway
Kyle Taylor
Joyce Haven Genetic Engineering 101 Class
Sunday, 9 am
Your spit is full of cheek cells. Rub your cheeks to get more cells. Need
help? The SDS detergent in the soap lyses the cells.
They split open, spill their contents (including DNA) into the glass DNA is negatively charged,
so it is repelled from other DNA.
To get it to bunch up,
we add the positive ions in salt
to neutralize the negative charge The solution contains proteases
that break down proteins.
This gets rid of some of the proteins
that were in your broken down cells. Like pouring a layered shot... Genetic Testing
Recommendations Should I get a gene scan? Should I get sequenced? What about privacy? How do I share with my doctor? Probably not today... Wait a bit (until 2014?) 2008:

2020: $50,000

free with Unless:
Rare disease
Cancer (tumor sequencing) My personal opinion... YES DTC Genomics Actionable information
scarce now
drugs are the exception
more on it's way Genetic
Act GINA in United States, as of May 21, 2009 Limits health insurers use of genetic information What does GINA not affect?
Life, disability, or long-term-care insurance
Some small businesses, in some ways
Federal employees and military source: www.geneticfairness.org Bring printed summary
Limit scope
Ask for "Shadow Record" And...
Still need to find someone
(or some company)
to help you interpret
all those As, Cs, Gs, Ts... Also:
Pathway Genomics
Existence Genetics
Athleticode US and World
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