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The virtualization of Architecture in the Digital Era

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Vassilis Papalexopoulos

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of The virtualization of Architecture in the Digital Era

The virtualization of
Architecture in the Digital Era The paradigm shift "Digital revolution"

Mario Carpo: a shift from identicality to variability

Fall of the principles of the industrial revolution _Leon Batista Alberti's theory: the building as the identical copy of the architect's drawing
_distinction between design and construction which is the basis of the modern perception of the "Architect-Author" identicality similarity
mass production mass customization
authorship open design Gilles Deleuze's book, The Fold: Leibniz and Baroque

Architectural Design, Folding in Architecture

Deleuze in Difference and Repetition
Pierre Levy in Becoming Virtual Can we talk about a process of virtualization of the architectural object in the digital era? Gilles Deleuze the possible ≠ the virtual

realization of the possible ≠ actualization of the virtual
representation of what already is becoming-other of The virtual and its processes Pierre Levy actualization virtualization _a displacement of the ontological gravity of an object actualization
potentialization ontological
quandrivium grammar
rhetoric core of the processes of virtualization 1_the language as the virtualization of the present

2_the technique as the virtualization of the action

3_the contract as the virtualization of violence object-bond _a catalyzing object of
collective intelligence technique

the tool is an object passed
from hand to hand
the object-bond 'intersects the three fundamental virtualizations of anthropogenesis and it constitutes the human as social, cognitive and practical subject' three virtualizations that produced the human being The fold in architecture Parametric design and
evolutionary methods of emergence Conclusion Deleuze

objectile interpretation of Leibniz's mathematics of continuity
introduction of the philosophical concept of fold
Deleuze_ a function that virtually contains an infinite number of objects

Cache_ to variable objects created from volumes Peter Eisenman

Greg Lynn

Grasshopper 3d for Rhino 3D rhetoric Arata Isozaki and Mutsuro Sasaki Morphogenesis of Flux Structure Extended Evolutionary Structural Optimization Method
(extended ESO method) 1_New Train Station, Florence in 2002 2_Entrance of the Qatar National Convention Center, Doha _generative CAD applications and software intensify the virtualizing aspects of architecture

_in order for an object to become part of the process of virtualization it must first become an object-bond

_architects should approach the logic of open-knowledge and cease being the "master of everything" grammar dialectic _rectangular volume 36x150x20 m
_flat top and 12m distance between central lower surface of the catenary and the roof
_emergent deformation of the original structure through FEA _25x30x20m
_distance between support points up to 100m something that, though real,
has not yet been folding is a process
of supple mixture of elements

Metaballs interpretation of the fold through the concept of the diagram.

the fold is defined as the diagram of the virtual
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