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Daniel at the siege of Boston

No description

Keats larson

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Daniel at the siege of Boston

The siege
Daniel at the siege of Boston is a adventure or historical fiction book.
One reason why I chose this book is because I like learning about wars and battles and that kind of stuff.
Daniel's family is father, mother, and his sister Sarah. Daniel's father fought
for general Washington and his mother sister stayed home.
War time
Daniel at the siege of Boston
BY: Keats Larson
Daniel at the Siege of Boston
When war broke out Daniel chose the patriot's
side because he beleived in that all people should
be free. Daniel took part at the battle of bunker
hill ( which was fought on Breeds hill ) which was the
first battle of the revolutionary war. This took place
in 1776.
Daniel is a ordinary boy that is forced to
serve in the continential army and is set
out to be a spy for general Washington.
Author: Laurie Calkhoven
Laurie Calkhoven
She also wrote two other books, they are called
Will at the Battle of Gettysburg
Micheal at the invasion of France.

I rate this book a seven stars because it was a good book but wasn't my
favorite. I would recommend this
book to people that like wars and
Twelve year old Daniel watches as Redcoats
close the harbor and march through the
streets. When war breaks out around him
Daniel finds courage around him. His
loyalty to the patriots has never been more
vital-or dangerous.
The city of Boston is under siege
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