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01.07 Collapse of an Empire Assessment

No description

Kiara Blanco

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of 01.07 Collapse of an Empire Assessment

01.07 Collapse of an Empire Assessment
By Kiara Blanco

1. What person have you put yourself in the place of?
I put myself in the place of one of the many Turkish Soldiers holding a crossbow hiding behind the bushes next to the bow that hold other men with crossbows.
3. What does this person see?
I see other Turkish Soldiers holding either a crossbow, a sword, or shields surrounding the old dirty walls, that protect Constantinople, with multiple ladders or hiding in bushes ready to attack. I also see boats and water everywhere that carry my fellow soldiers.
7. Why is this person here?
I am here because I want to contribute to this battle to end the empire forever and make it something it was always supposed to be.
5. What does this person touch?
I am holding real tight onto my crossbow and reaching back to grab the bow each time I'm ready to launch it at an enemy.
2. What does this person smell?
I smell the scent of sea salt in the air from the water that surrounds me and my fellow Turkish soldiers. I also smell the scent of blood and decay of all the bodies that have died during the battle.
4. What does the person hear?
I hear lots of screaming from everyone attacking each other. Swords clinking against one another. Crossbows being released into the air aiming at their enemy and men fighting hard for their life and to win the battle.
6. What fears does this person feel?
I fear for my life during this battle especially if I have family; I want to make it alive to see us win. I also fear for our success in this battle and making sure we fight the hardest we've ever fought before.
8. Name at least three goals this person will achieve by winning the battle.
Having success by winning the battle itself
Being part of the beginning of the Ottoman Empire
Making history by staying alive and being able to tell my grandchildren or kids how I was able to contribute in the battle
8. What does this person think will happen the week after the battle?
I think after the battle there will be lots of reconstructing and renovating to create an empire that we wanted in the first place and soon creating the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.
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