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Properties of Water

No description

Katelynn Dorn

on 28 August 2014

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Transcript of Properties of Water

Life depends on hydrogen bonds in water
Water is a polar molecule- one end has a slightly negative charge and the other has a slightly positive charge
Opposite charges of polar molecules can form hydrogen bonds (when hydrogen bonds with another element, usually N or O)
Hydrogen bonds also hold proteins and DNA together
Properties of Hydrogen Bonds
Hydrogen bonds are normally weak, but strong in water molecules
Water has a high specific heat- it doesn't change temperature easily.
Cohesion- the attraction between molecules of the same substance
Adhesion- the attraction of molecules between different substances
Many Compounds Dissolve in Water
Important materials cannot be transported in living things unless they are dissolved in water
Solution- mixture of substances
Dissolve- when you mix something with a liquid and it becomes part of the liquid
Solvent- bigger amount of substance that dissolves another substance
Solute- smaller amount of substance that dissolves into a solvent
Concentration- strength of the amount of solute dissolved into a certain amount of solvent
Properties of Water
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