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The Birth of Nursing at SHSU

No description

Anne Stiles

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of The Birth of Nursing at SHSU

SHSU School of Nursing
The Birth of Nursing at SHSU

Venture into foreign lands!
Costa Rica
Jinggangshan University
Community Partners
First Rural Clinic
1st Baptist Church
New Waverly
Over 45 hospitals, clinics,
home health agencies, long-term care facilities
Received accreditation!
Accreditation Commission
for Nursing Education (ACEN)
August, 2013
Graduation/Retention Rate

Dr. Lillibeth Al-Kofahey
Linda James
Dr. Kelly Zinn
Dr. MaryAnne Vincent
Ms. Shirley Wallace
Ms. Susan Holland
Dr. Anne Stiles
Chiang Mai University
Bonjoromarajononi College
Khan Kaen University
Patty Galloway
Celeste Roberts
Pam Stanosheck
Charmin White
Margaret Jefferson
Judy Upshaw,
Dir of Labs
Virginia Esparza, Admin
Rebecca Aulbach
Catrina LoGalbo
Marianne Moore
Forstine Morris
Resource Coach
Lisa Ward
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