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world heritage site - Victoria falls

No description

Abhirami Viju

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of world heritage site - Victoria falls

Victoria Falls Abhirami Viju Mosi-oa-Tunya Pictures Introduction Is a natural world heritage site Is the world’s greatest sheet of falling water Is significant worldwide for its exceptional geological and geomorphological features and active land formation processes Outstanding beauty i.e. the spray, mist and rainbows Location One of the seven wonders of the world Located near the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe Latitude: 17.9233° S
Longitude:25.8562° E History of Victoria Falls 1989- Victoria Falls is added to the list 1855- David Livingstone witnesses Victoria Falls for the first time Around 1.5 million years ago- humans first inhabit Victoria Falls 1958- Highest ever flow recorded 1860- Livingstone returns to study the falls in detail Tribute to Dr Livingstone Extends over 6860 ha
Takes up 3779 ha of the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park (Zambia) and 2340 ha of Victoria Falls National Park (Zimbabwe) Threats Plans to create more flights over the falls Climate change Victoria Falls' world heritage site status under siege as companies and environmental groups voice concerns on plans to increase flights over the falls. damage the environment

worsen noise pollution harm wildlife cancellation of Victoria Falls’ World Heritage Site status To prevent this: Individuals- Sign petitions Governments- Forbid more flights over victoria falls Anyone- alert UNESCO to this problem Victoria Falls will no longer exist or look something like this unless impacts of climate change are cancelled. Signs of climate change at the falls dry terrain
intense heat
annual rains delayed
rain seasons shorter
chunks from rocky ledge completely dry To prevent climate change: individuals- take steps against climate change
governments- fund environmental groups that are against climate change 1900- european settlement begins Groups- Run petitions
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