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EE in Economics or B&M

No description

Matt Kelly

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of EE in Economics or B&M

The EE process begins
The Research Question
Towards the end
Some Tips
Carrying out the investigation
Some tips
Writing the EE
Some tips
Serious Research
What now?
Draft and redraft...
EE in Economics or B&M
some guidance
After considering a number of different RQ's you've selected what you think (and hope) is a worthy EE investigation

It is stated like a question and avoids being double-barrelled

It is sharply focused and avoids being overly ambitious

You've read the relevant parts of the EE guide and reports

You're very familiar with the marking criteria

You are 100% aware of all deadlines

You're a little nervous but ready to dive in and start swimming
make sure you thoroughly plan the investigation

identify how and where you will gather materials/information/data

listen to expert advice about referencing

plan a structure

reading and research should go beyond the textbook,
i.e. extended essay
It's finished
At last you can relax
Use the relevant checklists to look over your EE

Make sure you are meeting as many assessment criteria as possible

Get ready for the
viva voce (concluding interview)

Time to put your feet up and have a cup of tea
iron out any silly mistakes

do not work on your EE every single day. sometimes you need to step back a while before then being able to see improvement

ask someone also studying B&M/Economics to read over it and give you feedback

ask someone not studying B&M/Economics to read over it and give you feedback

keep regular back ups of your work

Some tips
Planning a structure
This is mostly given to you by the IB

the body
The body section
allows you to consider relevant and useful subtitles. These may change as your thoughts develop. Indeed they may eventually disappear! But do give your structure some thought please.
Business & Management
you should use secondary data, and when appropriate backed up by primary data (the opposite of IA work)

do not rely on a single type of source, e.g. a company's annual report

challenge the validity/reliability of the information

search for conflicting data/evidence
attempt to use a combination of primary and secondary data

data should not be historical, i.e. no more than three years old

do not be afraid to carry out original research/investigations

make sure that secondary sources have not already answered your question
the material you gather should be assembled in a logical order, and linked to the structure of the essay

be prepared for things to go wrong

realise you are an IB student writing an EE, not a professor trying to get a Nobel Prize

avoid being narrative and descriptive

all aspects of the essay should be related to the RQ

good evaluation is more than summarizing previous arguments/comments or making a brief recommendation

attempt to demonstrate an appropriate use and application of analytical tools

ask probing questions

indicate unresolved questions

present your essay in an analytical manner, using critical thinking combined with appropriate theories/concepts

be aware of alternative viewpoints

stay on track, break the argument into sections and consistently refer back to the RQ

no data/chart/diagram should ever appear without reference to it in the text, and make sure to show its significance

be selective and include research that helps to answer you RQ

there should never be a section titled theory and written like a textbook. all theory that you discuss should be relevant to your RQ

In an ideal world you shall start IB year 2 with the bulk of your EE finished

all investigations and research should be complete

your focus should be on improving the quality of your communication/writing

once again compare your essay against the assessment criteria and any checklists made available to you
2013/14 Economics and B&M deadlines
Do not miss any of the following deadlines
14th February:
to be happy with your Research Question

18th April:
to have written 1,000 words
(e.g. mostly research, hypotheses, ideas, investigation action plan, investigation analysis, combining your RQ with theory, early stages of your introduction)

13th June:
to have written 2,000 words (e.g. analysis of your investigation, early stages of your conclusions and all of the above)

22th August:
an update early in Yr13 (e.g. formal conclusions, the whole of the introduction,

5th October:
the last update before the final deadline!
Monday 3rd November
Planning a structure
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