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COM30605 - Microphones

No description

Wai Leong

on 3 August 2015

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Transcript of COM30605 - Microphones

Microphone windscreen does what it
means to do – screen wind.

It is to buffer wind in windy conditions and also acts as a pop filter.

The caged enclosure is called a microphone cover and the shaggy fluffy mitt is called a dead cat/dead kitten.

Noise handling

Are little more complexed, the metal element
(diaphragm) vibrates according to air particles.
Creates good warm sounds with bass accents but very fragile and expensive.

Ribbon Microphone

Are versatile, good for
general purpose
(e.g. singing at K).

Has no internal amplifier
and capable of handling
high sound pressure levels.

Dynamic Microphone

Different types of microphones convert acoustic
energy into different electric energy.


Learning to select and identify audio production tools and knowing how they work is very important!!!


Most sensitive to sounds arriving from two directions—in front of and behind the mic

Most sensitive to sound arriving from one direction—in front of the mic

Equally sensitive to sounds arriving from all directions

Directional Pickup patterns

Pickup patterns describe from which direction
most sounds are picked up or heard by the microphone.

Directional Characteristics
Pickup patterns

Are actually capacitors which stores
energy in electrostatic form.
The diaphragm are two plates; as the plates vibrates (closer or further) they create a charge.
The charge comes from a phantom power or battery to boost the charge into a stronger signal.

Condenser Microphone

Ribbon Mics (Velocity or
Pressure Gradient Mics)




3 Categories
of transducer elements

Lecturer & Tutorial :
Ms. Leong Wai Kit

Basic Audio Visual Production
Semester 2, 2014
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