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Dutch Ethnicity

No description

kenzie williamsen

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Dutch Ethnicity

By: Kenzie Williamsen Dutch Ethnicity The Characteristics Sprangers Family Treatment in America ~Dirk William Sprangers, born 1646
married Josina A Van Loon
~William Dirck Sprangers, born 1670
married Maria Jans Melissen
~Johannes William Sprangers, born 1740
married Anna Cornelius Domine
~Cornelius Sprangers, born 1742, died 1808
married Cornelia Nittenseffe
~Walter Sprangers, born 1791, died 1873
married Huberdina Raaiymakers
~John Sprangers, born 1824, died 1884
married Alagunda VanTreeck.
He was the one who came to America My Netherland Family Tree I found my family tree online and learned a lot about my history. It dates back to the 1600's with my great great great great great great great great grandpa from Zevenbergen. Dutch people came to America from the Netherlands/Holland. They speak Dutch which is a lot like German and English. Most of the Netherlands religion was catholic. People in the Netherlands came over to America in Emigrant Associations. People in the Netherlands started coming over here around the 1600's. They had three major colonies Fort Orange, New Amsterdam, and Wiltwyck. the dutch were big into the fur trade and traded good with the indians. There is no discrimination against the dutch today. My America Family Tree ~Joseph Sprangers, born June 24 1858,
died May 8 1912, married Eva Schmitz
~Andrew Sprangers, born May 28 1907,
died July 28 1967, married Annabel Birling
~Roger Sprangers, born January 6 1938
married Vanice Cerveny
~Linda Sprangers, born October 5 1965
married Michael Williamsen
~Me :)
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