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Neymar jr

No description

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Neymar jr

About Neymar jr
Neymar jr is a professional soccer player who plays for Fc Barcelona, Fc Santos and the international team Brazil.

Name: Neymar da sliva santos juinor
Date of birth: Febuary 5th 1992
Height: 175cm
Age: 22

Fc Barcelona
Facts about Neymar
Neymar jr is the 4th highest paid soccer player in the world.
Neymar jr has won 4 straight player of the year awards
Neymar jr joined fc santos at age 11
Neymar jr was side lined from the semi-finals after a Cloumbian defender pushed him down and broke a vetabre in his back
Neymar jr has spent 542minutes playing for Fc barcelona and 8 matches. Neymar and his Barcelona team mates have enjoyed a long list of wins, such as-
La liga-22 times
Copa del Rey-26 times
Copa de la liga-2 times
Supercopa de espanã-10 times
European cup-4 times
Cup winners' cup-4 times
Fairs cup-3 times
European super cup-4 times
FIFA club world cup-2 times

Neymar Jr is my favourite soccer player because he is amazing at soccer and has won countless awards. Neymar jr has a reputation of being very fast and very skillfull. Neymar jr is very persistant, he broke a bone in his back but still he didn't think about quiting he was just worried he would never play soccer again.
Nemar Jr is my favourite soccer player because he has a massive amount of skill
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