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Goodluck Jonathan

No description

adaeze okafor

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Goodluck Jonathan

Presidential Life
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan replaced his entire military leadership after setbacks in the struggle against an Islamist. He lost a close political ally who quit as crisis griped the ruling party.

Goodluck Jonathan
Goodluck Jonathan was born November 20, 1959. He was born in Otueke in the Ogbia Local Government Area of the Eastern Region. The schools he attended were St. Stephen's Primary School and St. Michael's Primary School. The teachers said that he was intelligent and strong. He passed primary school. He went into Mater Dei High School. He also sat for the West African School Certificate and passed with his distinctions, by that time he was ready to start his life.
Patience Jonathan is Goodluck Jonathan's wife. She is older than him by one month and five days! She holds a National Certificate in Education in biology, math, and psychology. She received these degrees from the collage of Rivers State University and Port Harcourt University.

Patience Jonathan
Thank you for listening ,
This prezi was made by Adaeze Okafor, Riley Lovell, Brooklyn Kash, Mahala Speigner, & Jacquelyn Dub.
This is Goodluck Jonathan's family (left to right) Aruabi Jonathan, his daughter , Goodluck Jonathan, himself , Patience Jonathan, his wife, and Ariwera Jonathan, his son.
Her old nickname
was 'Mama Ice Cream' because
she always froze ice cream in her
large,deep freezer!
Goodluck Jonathan stopped wars and saved many lives from being harmed. He donates money for many causes.
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