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Cooking Assignment

Primary Research My Culture

The Doctor

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Cooking Assignment

Sri Lankan Food Culture Key Ingredients of this country Curry Leaves Two Well Known Dishes Milk Rice How Sri Lankan Food Culture has affected Australian dining Sri Lanka and India have bought the concept of moist curries usch as the chicken curry. Dining Customs Sri Lankan Food Culture does not have dining customs. Healthy or Unhealthy We eat fruits daily off our land like my dad's house in Sri Lanka for example, it has a mango tree and a few coconut trees. By Venura Weerasinghe Sri Lanka These green leaves are very often used in Indian and Sri Lankan curries and is usually prepared as the first step to cooking. It plays a key role in Sri Lankan dishes. The Sinhala word for Curry Leaves is karapincha. Pandan Leaves These long green leaves are rare to find but are cultivated throughout the country. It is often used in our food because it adds flavour. They also contain a strong smell. We call these leaves Rumpe. Coconut Coconut trees are everywhere in our country but is often seen near the shores. We use this in our cooking by scraping the coconut meat off using a grater. The juice inside of it when cracked is served to anyone as a drink. We use coconut for taste. The Sinhala word for coconut is pol. Curry Powder We use curry powder to efeect the dish of any kind with a pinch of hot. Curry powder is made from a bunch of ingredients such as corrienda. and cumin. This is announced thunapaha. Chilli We use chilli to spicen the dish. We sinhalese use this in most of our dishes beacuse we like it alot.. In Sinhalese it is pronounced mirice. Pepper Pepper enhances the spice in our dishes which makes the dishes so loving to eat. Pepper is gumbereece in Sinhalese. Cinnamon Quills This ingredient gives a little bit of sweetness to the pot. Black Peppercorns We use this ingredient to add a admirable taste to our food. In our language this is pronounced abba. . This rice is white and very tasty along with other curries.This is always serveed traditionally with 'lunumirice'. It can be eaten with other curries such as the chicken curry(my favourite).The dish is essentially used as a form of cake in Sri Lanka since it is made on the starting of something new such as a month. Sri Lanka is a small republic country in the middle of the Indian Ocean. This majectic country is known as “The Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Ceylon was the colonial British name until the country became independant and altered it to Sri Lanka. The main language in the country is Sinhala. The capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte after the change from Colombo. Indian Ocean Sri Lanka Lunumirice Rice The rice we cook at and eat are white unlike asian rice where it has fade of yellow. There are different types of rice we are able to buy at our supermarkets usch as basmati rice and tiger rice. These types i believe to be from different areas of the country and can be produced differently. Their size tells the difference to summarise. Rice producers live and work in the country and work tremendous hours in huge field. Basmati Rice Tiger Rice Using the same method as cooking spring rools but replacing the pastry with a dough pastry and putting breadcrumbs then frying them. Not definite
information Our country is not favoring restaurants such as Hungry Jacks as much as Australia but we are accepting the existence of such things. So most of our food is home cooked such as many different parents they fuse vegetables into the food we eat such as the rice you saw before. Children in Sri Lanka always drink milk tea in the morning like Australian kids drinking milk. I consider our daily intake is pretty healthy. Recipes Of the Two Dishes INGREDIENTS:
2 cups rice
1½ - 2 cups thick coconut milk
4 - 4½ cups water
Salt – to taste

Wash the rice and place it in a medium saucepan with water & salt. Bring it to boil in medium heat. Cover the saucepan and cook till the rice is soft and the water is absorbed.

Do not burn the rice.

Mix little salt with coconut milk and stir it. When the rice is ready reduce the heat to low and pour the coconut milk into the rice and Mix it well. Simmer the rice and coconut milk mixer till the coconut milk is absorbed and the rice is very soft and creamy.

Taste for salt.

Off the heat, and let it cool for 5mintues.

Transfer the mixer to a wide shallow dish and flatten down with flat spoon, spatula or with a piece of oil paper. Draw lines on top surface according to the shape (diamond or square) you want and let it cool another 5- 10 minutes, cut it into pieces. Milk Rice Side dishes such as curries is optional, in my opinion it taste better and is more admirable to eat. Rice recipe is not included due to the fact that it is simple through any way of cooking rice You are able to use arrow keys for navigation
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