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henry lee lucas and ottis toole

serial killers project pd 3

samantha Brown

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of henry lee lucas and ottis toole

Serial Killer:
Henry Lee Lucas Growing Up Serial Killer:
Ottis Toole Early Childhood Henry Lee Lucas was born on August 23, 1936 in Virginia to parents Anderson and Viola Lucas. Early on in his childhood, His father lost both legs in a drunken truck accident, making his mother sole provider of the household. Thus, the reason why the whole family had to live in a single bedroom. Lucas and his half brother were the only two of the eight siblings that had to stay with their mother while the others went to live with relatives. Issues at Home Henrys mother was a very brutal and violent woman. She made her living as a prostitute and later moved her pimp,Bernie, into the families home. She would force the boys to observe her having sex with random men by whom she made her money. She very harshly beat the boys on a daily basis. Sometimes unconscious for days at a time. Due to her lack of care towards Henry he lost an eye, following an accident at school. On occasion, Henry would make her mad so she sent him to school in a dress with make-up on and his hair curled. The classmates laughed at him, she thought it was funny. Teachers did nothing. The Mother The Father Henrys father as told earlier was immobile. To try to get money into the household, he made black- market liquor. Although, he did drink more than he sold. Henry essentially became an alcoholic by age ten. Anderson tried to comfort Lucas when he could but that was no help. He wasnt doing enough. He later died freezing to death in a drunken sleep. Mothers Boyfriend After Anderson died, The pimp named Bernie took over. He became the mothers boyfriend and introduced Henry to bestiality and brutal animal torture as well. While Some say that it was his brother who introduced him. Henry became obsessed with every aspect of sex and torture. He and his half brother started to have sex with eachother. Teen Years Lucas became a "prolific burglar" and spent most of his teen years in young mens detention centers. There, it was recorded of his sexual interactions and torture of other inmates. Adult Life Henry claimed to have commited his first murder at age 15. She was a 17 year old girl who refused him sex. In prison doing a sentence of six years for burglary, Lucas escaped he was recaptured months later. After being released he moves to michigan with his half sister, meets a girl named stella and asks her to marry him on christmas. His 74 yr old mother disapproves of the marriage and wants her son to move back with her. They get into a heated arguement and he stabs her to death. He admitted to having sex with her dead body during his confessions. He received a fourty year sentence in a psych. facility for second degree murder. He was released in 1975 after ten despite his own requests. He stated, "When they put me out on parole, i said I'm not reayd to go. I told them all, the warden, the psychologist, everybody, that i was going to kill."

"When they put me out on parole, i said I'm not reayd to go. I told them all, the warden, the psychologist, everybody, that i was going to kill." -Henry Lucas Growing Up Early Childhood Toole was born on March 5, 1947 in Jacksonville, Florida. Where his supposedly religious mother raised him in poverty. Toole was deemed mentally retarded with an IQ of 70. Tooles first murder that he claims to have commited was when he was fourteen years old. Picked up by a traveling salesman who forced him into sexual intercourse, toole ran the man over with his own car. Toole later in life decides to be a transvestite. Teen Years Problems at Home Toole had a horrible childhood. His Mother who claimed to be a religion fanatic fed him barbituates constantly to keep him calm. His voodoo practicing grandmother, forced him to handle corpses while she was doing her work. He was shot at by his brothers and forced to put on dresses and make-up by his sisters. Adult Life Reading an interview with Ottis Toole i found that Toole claims to have commited hundreds of murders by himself before he met his partner in crime. Some of which were pinned on other serial killers such as Ted Bundy. New Lovers Bond Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole met at a soup kitchen in Jacksonville Florida. Exchanging murder stories they became friends, and later lovers. The two went on a murder spree aroune the U.S raping, killing, sodomizing, and murdering mostly hitch-hikers. Both were necrophiliacs and obsessive cannibals. Ottis explains his reasoning for this in the interview. The two killed Young girls, women, homosexuals, but their favorite were young boys. If they were to kill a female they would sodomize them and fantasize that it were a little boy. Toole says that the two joined a murder cault which instructed them to practice "religious sacrifice" and religious eating of people. The two become obsessed with the idea of cannibalism and asked to have the dead bodies after the rituals are performed so they could have a meal. Henry Lee Lucas took advantage of Tooles mentally retarded neice raping, her and making her his "girlfriend". He confesses to have killed her. This is why Toole and Lucas split. Tooles side Toole Not only confesses to the hundreds of murders with Henry Lucas together 13 of them being in one night. He states that Lucas was on a killing spree of his own before they met. He was deemed too crazy to put on the electric chair, they wanted him to live and suffer through what he had done. He says that he is not suffering anything but the fact that he cannot eat human meat in the jail cell. Toole died of liver failure in jail. Henry Aftermath Henry confesses to having killed thousands of people while inside the cault. No one really knows how many murders the two really comitted. Although the stories sound real, they are not proven fact. It is a controversy on whether Lucas is a prolific Killer or a prolific liar. Henry died in jail of natural causes. Fun Fact: They say that most cannibals towards the end of their lives have a very flamingo pink tint to their skin from eating so much human flesh. (Look at Lucas' Last picture) A woman killed by Henry Lucas and Ottis Toole together Ottis tooles mugshot Henry Lucas' last picture Ottis Tooles hand print art made an signed in jail Toole after he went "crazy" Toole as a young kid. Henry as a young child Henry dressed by his mother Murder claimed by Henry Lee Lucas Toole liked to make soup with human fleshThis was introduced to him by the cault. The two roasted human meat over the fire. The favorite part was the butt cheek.
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