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Southern Hills Middle School Career Day

What does it take to be a Peace Corps Volunteer

Alea Richmond

on 15 September 2011

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Transcript of Southern Hills Middle School Career Day

What is it like to be a Peace Corps Volunteer? Where do volunteers go? How do I become a volunteer? Peace Corps Goals A day in the life of a volunteer My story
o Business and Information Technology
o Health
o Environment
o Education
o Youth & Community Development
o Agriculture Benefits Peace Corps pays for all your expenses!
* After service, $7,425 to spend how you choose.
* Graduate School Opportunities Programs Experience-Get involved!
Language-learn a language!
Get your college degree My job I taught my community how to... In my off hours... The biggest lesson people are the same no matter where you go The difference between places or the issues we face locally lack of health care I wanted to stay in Ecuador... insufficient health resources But instead.. And for this, I am grateful Life is calling....
How far will you go? the toughest job you will ever love
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