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English Class 103

Experiences through the process of learning and writing English as a second Language.

Ronny Alvarez

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of English Class 103

English Class 103 Introducing myself Course Wrap Up Paper 3: Definition
"The Family" Paper 1: Descriptive
"Emergency Room" Paper 2: Narrative
"My Aunt Mery" Paper 5: Compare/Contrast
"From the North to the South" Paper 6: This I Believe...
"A Miracle to be Alive" Paper 4: Cause/Effect
"Leaving for a New Country"
My name is Ronny Jose Alvarez Valverde.
Born in Costa Rica.
The oldest of 3 siblings.
28 years and 11 months old.
I have been happy married since 2005.No kids yet.
My wife and I are bilingual speakers. My wife's first speaking language is English and mine is Spanish.
My whole family lives in Costa Rica and I am trying to start a new one in the US. I miss my family every day.
I moved to the US so my wife could finish her Master degree. Now that she is not in school, I am the one studying what I want, "Nursing".
No writing experiences in English only in Spanish.
I like to read, dance and draw.
I like to play soccer and hang out with my friends.
I should known the following aspects before I started ENG 103:
Known better the English Grammar.
I have to read more books in english, so my vocabulary can grow more and more.
More steps of how to write in english.
More common phrases.
The first is to teach you the basics, grammar, spelling, putting together a good article for second english speakers.
Known more about styles of writing.

Now, I know a few steps of how to write an essay in english, just follow this steps:
Storm of ideas.
Organize the information.
When writing, it should be in complete sentences and paragraphs and easily understood.
Be clear and concise.
Know your audience and choose your writing style.

When you are writing avoid:
Try not to impress the reader by using words that most people have never heard.
Do not use colloquial speech, slang, or "childish" words or phrases.
Do not use contractions.
Use active verbs.
Try not to refer to the reader as "You".
Plagiarism is forbidden.

Be yourself and write what you feel, see and live.

A brief description of a regular Emergency Room in a Hospital.
What can you find and see in here. Busy doctors, nurses running around, and impatient patients. Tells the story that almost every person goes through an Emergency Room, since the moment of their arrival until their leave. Some times this process can be exhausted and long.
I choose this topic because I used to work in an hospital. I had the knowledge and the experience, and also I had heard what patients thought about how bad was the attention in the ER.
Why I enjoyed to do this essay was because I could express my own experiences and let my classmates know what feels to be inside a hospital as a worker and not as a patient. I like to work in a hospital and some day I will do it again.
Challenges I found in common with each essays:
I had to think my ideas in Spanish first and then translated into English.
Using the wrong verb conjugation.
I used the incorrect words (ex. "such as" instead of "like") or phrases.
Not enough knowledge of the English language and its grammar, speech, and punctuation.

I think, I did well on choosing the subjects, developing the ideas in the essay and a good message to the reader.
I could add more things to my paper such as references, more details, and a better development of the paragraphs.
I learned how to do a better linkish between the the main idea of the essay and the secondary ideas in each paragraph.
All my essays are about my own past and present experiences.
A brief narration of my own aunt. I wrote about her because she treated us as her own grandchildren. I didn't have a grandmother that could love me, so the love that I received was from my aunt. That love was unconditional. I loved her so much, she used to tell us scary stories before bed time. Now I missed her so much; she died 2 years ago and I couldn't visit her or tell her "I love you" because I was living in the US.
I choose this topic because I loved my aunt Mery. She was great. She was a wonderful and beautil woman, grandmother, mother, and aunt. This paper is a way, an attribute, to express what I felt for her.
I didn't enjoyed writing this essay because I couldn't express my feelings to my aunt in person. My only comfort was to wrote it in a paper, and maybe she could read it some day from heaven. I am happy now that I could express what I had hidden in my head, in my heart and in my soul about my great aunt Mery.
A brief definition of what family really means to me. Whay family is so important for us and the different families that we can find around us. Also some examples of the common families that we can find in our communities. Family is the base of the society and what we learn as a kid, it is coming from our family first. The family is the example of any children of how to develop and grow in a society.
I choose this topic because I loved my family very deeply. I had leaving away from them since 2005, that means 5 years. Five years that I only can see them once or twice a year. This remaind me the strong love-link between my parents, my siblings and I. The family's love can not be broken for anything, even for the distance.
I didn't enjoyed writing this essay because every moment I had to think about my family, tears were appearing in my eyes, and then the tears would run down to my cheeks. I could feel the strong relationship with my family with every word, with every finished paragraph, and with every page I wrote in this essay. A brief explanation of what happen when I took the decision to move to a different country, and I had to leave my own family behaind. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions that will affect our lives and our future. Every decision has its own consecuences. Doesn't matter if is a good or bad decision, we have to manage it and make it to work for our benefit. Now, I have the obligation to form my own family and some day my kid would have to leave me too.
I choose this topic because I loved my family but at the same time I love my new family that I am building with my wife. I liked to express my feelings about what is to be living in a country with totally different traditions.
I enjoyed writing this essay because I would like to let the people know what would we really will missing and what we could gain if we had to move outside of the country. It is an interesting decision, but if you want to achieve your goals, we have to make hard decision as this one. A brief contrast between to countries of the US and Costa Rica. Some people even know where Costa Rica is located. Costa Rica is smaller than the Illinois state in size. The health care is universal, has a big variety of flora and fauna, and the native language is Spanish. USA is 20 times or more bigger than C.R., the health care is very expensive and we can have a real white christmas. Even if these countries are very different to each other, there are certain thing that make them similar such as the right to vote, a democracy and the freedom, also we have the right of free expression.
I choose this topic because I lived for 25 years in C.R. and I would like to compare my past experiences in my country with my new experiences now that I am living in the US.
I enjoyed writing this essay because I would like to let the people know about my country, about my traditions and about my people. I will like to let the world know that I am proud of my country for abolished the army and that everyone is welcome to enjoy it. A brief story of my own experiences. A part of my own believes. Each country, each town and each person has their own believes. This essay tells the story about a time when I felt stronger and fearless against mother nature. Because of my acts, my best friend and I almost lost our lives. The experience we lpassed in the middle of the ocean was unrealistic and we don't wish to someone else to be in our situation. Because of a miracle, because of supernatural forces, I am here now to tell my story.
I choose this topic because I felt what was to be in a desperate situation. This was something that happened to me and sometimes we do not know how to react in this kind of situations. We just think that everything has a solution, but some time doesn't.
I enjoyed and also had goose bumps when the memories from this event came through my head when I started writing this essay. I like to let the people know about miracles. Miracles happens even if you believe in them or not. Some times we are very selfish when we think only in ourselves but also there are people that need miracles such as our neighbors, our friends or some member of our family. Miracles exist and you never know when you will need one.
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