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Criniti, C-Endangered Species

No description

Cristos Criniti

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Criniti, C-Endangered Species

Leopards You will find leopads in bushes and trees. they live in the very southeast part of the savanah. You can also find them in Central Asia to East Asia. Habitat Panthera Pardus Description Current Conservation Efforts Countries are making it illegal to hunt them and sell their hoods. The world is putting more leopards in captivity to protect them. everyone should look into the World Animal Foundation who helps leopards and other animals. Causes of Endangerment The l3opards the only thing that kills it are poachers. They kill them for their hoods. Farmers also kill them to protect their livestock. Thats why they are endangered and threatened. Fascinating Facts Leopards are 3 feet tall to their shoulders and 200cm long. They are from 110-200 pounds. Leopards have a yellowish color on top and a whitish color on the bottom. Leopards sometimes attack their prey from above in trees. They can swim very well even though they are in the cat family. Leopards are also able to jump 18 feet in the air. Diet/Role in Ecosystem The leopard has no predator it is the predator. Their main food is antelop and deer. A regular sized deer provides food for a couple of days.
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