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Let FROZEN Go by Mary Hanley

No description

Madeleine Student

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of Let FROZEN Go by Mary Hanley

By Mary Hanley
Frozen: Disney's Best Money-maker
How is Frozen still making money after a full year? I mean, we just can't Let It Go!
My Perspective
I think that kids shouldn't Let it Go! I think the article is true, Frozen is a movie children can relate to and it teaches kids valuable lessons. Let's get excited for the sequel! However, I personally am tired of the song "Let it Go".
What Makes Anna and Elsa unique as princesses?
These girls have a strong family bond, even after being separated for years. Kids can understand wanting their siblings to play with them and connect to the story. Young children are usually afraid of the "villain" in fairy tales, but Frozen's "evil" is more of an inner conflict that Anna is experiencing , even though one short scene includes a mean ice guardian. The lack of many monsters or witches in the story adds to the attraction of younger audiences.
Why is "Let It Go" so popular?
The song, "Let It Go" is so popular among kids because they could learn the song before even seeing the movie. But, more than that the line, " Be the good girl you always have to be." This has an impact because this is what they're always told. Most little kids wag their finger while singing this line. The message of the song is very empowering. Be happy and free!
Why is the lack of a "monster" or "witch" so important?
The imaginations of children are very vivid, and witches or monsters seem real because they lack the ability to separate reality from fiction.
What makes Frozen's characters so easy to connect with?
Parents constantly tell their little ones to behave, sit down, or in Frozen terms, "conceal, don't feel". These preschoolers can emphasize with Elsa in that way. Kids don't feel like they have any power to make choices, and the appearance of magic and Elsa's snow powers give this independent feel to the viewers.
In order to get to the bottom of this, CNN interviewed a sister pair of psychologists, Yalda Uhls and Maryam Kia-Keating.
Fairy tales, particularly Grimm, can include very violent deaths, frightening younger children who don't understand that those things don't normally happen in real life.
In every Disney movie, there's a goofy sidekick. In this movie, there are two!
Lessons of Other Disney Movies Compared to Frozen's:
If you believe, your dreams will come true.
There's no action taken.
Beauty and the Beast
Don't judge a book by it's cover.
The "cover" is frightening
Be true to yourself, and your heart.
At that time in China, there wasn't gender equality and for young viewers it may be hard to understand.
Don't lie to make yourself look better, be valued for who you are.
Not centered on Jasmine, meaning less appeal for princess- loving little ones.
Love heals all, and love between sisters is just as strong. As well as: follow your dreams. Girl power... Just as strong and independent.
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