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No description

Mohammed Sharawi

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of THE FUTURE

Future televISIon The future tv will not be like this time tv's so in the future it will change into better and bigger screens and the tv's will look like these pictures like i said bigger and better and it's colours will be better.

Future cars in the making. Should they be an innocent drawing, a fine computer rendering or real driving concept, they always preview the cars of the future in some aspects FUTURE Cars The house of the future elicits one of two basic reactions in people; it is either a cornucopia of technological marvels that converts the home into a true Machine for Living, or it's like living inside a gigantic video player with the instruction manual translated from Japanese into English by someone in India who speaks neither language and relied on a pair of phrase books to do the job. fUTURE HOUSE
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