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North Atlantic Right Whale

No description

Christiane De Tchappi

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of North Atlantic Right Whale

Background photo by t.shigesa The North Atlantic Right Whale weighs up to 70 tons and it is 45-55 feet long. It has a stocky black body, with no dorsal fin, and callosities on the head region. They can live up to 50 years. Symbiotic relationships An Endangered Specie Examples Mutualism *The number of dolphines surrounding the whale affects its breeding behavoir and the whale's behavior affect the number of dolphins surrounding it.

Commensalism *Whale lice eat the algae that is on the whale's body. there is no damage done to the whale.

Commensalism *Barnacles infest whales. The whale is unaffected while the barnacle benefits

Parasitism *Tapeworms infest whales. Can kill the whaleif the infection becomes bad. By: Christiane DeTchappi
Period: 2 North Atlantic Right Whale *Eubalaena Glacialis Abiotic and Biotic factors in the habitat Abiotic (living)
*Sea weed
*Krill Biotic (non-living)
*Sunlight Food Web & Food Chain Food chain- the flow of energy from one organism to the one that eats it.
Food web- a system of inter-connected food chains and share items. Mutualism- a relationship between two organisms in which both benefit.
Commensalism- a relationship between two organisms in which one benefits and the other is unaffected.
Parasitism-a relationship between two organisms in which one benefits and the other is harmed. Predation & Competition Predation- the capturing and killing of animals for food.
Ex. Hunter exploit Right Whales. They are taken for blubber, used for oils, for illumination, and for meat. Competition- When organisms of different or same species are living together and both need the same resources.
Ex. Bow head whales migrate out of the Bering sea and into the Beaufort sea at the time when right whales might be in the Bering sea. Human Impacts Most Right whale deaths are caused by humans. *Ships hit right whales accidentally because the whales rest and feed near the surface in the coastal areas where many ships travel.
*They become entangled in fishing lines. Entanglement can keep the whales from eating, breathing, or swimming. Lines cut into the skin of the whales.
*Pollution of coastal marine habitats is affecting the recovery of the northern right whales phytoplanktons zooplanktons Right Whale Food Chain
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