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6 R's of sustainability

No description

Mads W

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of 6 R's of sustainability

The final R of the 6 R's of Sustainability is repair. All
6 R's of sustainability
DT Spring P2i
Maddie Whitefield 8t

The first R stands for Reduce. This means to lower the amount of materials used within the product to attempt to preserve valuable resources for further generations.

- Could I reduce the amount of materials used?
The second R stand for rethink. This means for the
The third R, refuse, means not welcoming products that aren't good for the environment. For example the packaging that KFC
Recycle, the fourth R, is where the materials used to form your product can be used again and
One of the most crucial parts of designing a product is understanding the imprint that it could have on the environment and world around us. Not only whilst in use but also before and after by taking in to account all the materials used to create that specific product.
This R, reuse, is where you think ahead about the future and see what features of you product
All designers have to consider the 6 R's of sustainability whilst creating their product so that we can prevent more destruction to the world because of manufacture.
designer to think about a better way manufacturing which could help the environment more.
- Is there a better environmentally friendly solution
uses comes from the rainforests and is therefore, not being eco-friendly as they are putting animals in danger as they're destroying their habitats.
- Is this packaging really necessary?
changed into something else when no longer needed.This would help the future as we would still have many materials as we haven't needed to use fresh materials as we have used recyclable ones instead.
- Is this product recyclable?
- Are the materials easy to be recycled?
could be reused in other appliances as this would extend your products life and allow many more people t see your creation. This would also help the environment as we wouldn't have to waste any fresh materials.
- Does this product have another use?
- Does its features?
designers have to think of this as their product has to be easily repairable because otherwise, its not eco-friendly and will cost the manufacturer more money as they will have to send out another one, possibly causing the customer inconvenience and them denying to buy anything from you again. However, if your product is repairable it will have a longer life span and will give
you better business.
- Is my product easy to repair?
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