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Hey, Tiff Tiff ;O

No description

Dylan Richardson

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Hey, Tiff Tiff ;O

"Soaring off into Billenium... High!" Billenium Theme Structure Analysis Analysis Activity Humanity faces a pressing issue in the long run: OVERPOPULATION Philip: So Dylan, is there a really a change-a in the the thought pattern of this novella?
Dylan: No, stupid. The thought pattern of Ballard doesn't change at all. However, the thought patterns of the main characters change when they discover the secret room.
Philip: Wow, by golly you're right!
Dylan: That's a first, now Mother will love me! But on the rizzizzle, did you think the new characters coming into play changed the novel?
Philip: Well, if you didn't wear a helmet when you took a bath, you'd realize that it completely changes the plot! Ward nodded vaguely and stretched back on his narrow bed, trying not to bang his head on the shelving. Waring was not the first to hint that he move out. Judith’s aunt had made a similar suggestion two days earlier. Since he had left his job at the library, (the small rental he charged the others paid for the little food he needed) he spent most of his time in the room, seeing rather more of the old man than he wanted to, but he had learned to tolerate him.
Settling himself, he noticed that the right-hand spire of the wardrobe, all he had been able to see of it for the past two months, was now dismantled.
It had been a beautiful piece of furniture, in a way symbolizing this whole private world, and the salesman at the store told him there were few like it left. For a moment Ward felt a sudden pang of regret, as he had done as a child when his father, in a moment of exasperation, had taken something away from him and he had known he would never see it again.
Then he pulled himself together. It was a beautiful wardrobe, without doubt, but when it was gone it would make the room seem even larger About the Author Born in Shanghai. SHANGHAI!
Population of Shanghai: 23 Million People! No way? Way.
(Maybe he was sensitive to overpopulation from birth) ^
"poet of the occult fear, the subliminal horror"
Stephen Spielberg and Ballard were buds, Spielberg's Bale's Batman had "serious Ballardian intensity".
Most popular book: Empire of the Sun; An autobiography about his "painful but thrilling freedom" in a civilian internment camp in Shanghai. How? His health, dummy! J. G. Ballard Do we take the... Efficient Path Moral Path Kill off specific women, children and minorities to make much needed room for changing generations Vouch for every human, no matter his or her worth, and perish duly for our unfeasibly generous ideals? Billenium Explores the "Moral Path" is allowed, and even encouraged, to reproduce. ;)
The result is regulations to restrict living space and human clogs iHumanityn streets. EW!
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