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No description

lol monk

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Recipiez

What it does?
This app will find you recipes based on the ingredients you have in your cupboard, freezer or fridge. With detailed explanations or videos it will show you how to make the perfect meal.

How much it costs and why?
We felt that this app should cost £0.69 because you can get millions of recipes in one app. We also think that as it is so useful and will be used a lot it would be worth the amount of money.
Who this is aimed at and why?
This app is aimed people who have little time to prepare and make healthy, balanced meals. Also this is aimed at people who have little food in their fridge, freezer or cupboard.
Why this is better than other apps?
On our recent research we have found that no other apps do the same job as ours. We found out that most food apps do the job of booking a table for a restaurant online
How it will benefit you?
This will benefit you because it will save you money e.g you will not have to go to the shops to buy different foods. Also it will save you lots of time and effort
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