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Copy of The Moose and the Sparrow

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Alan Siu

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Moose and the Sparrow

The Moose and the Sparrow

A boy named Cecil was more interested in making things out of wire than lumber. Cecil had been name called, bullied and teased by others a the lumber camp which he attended. Moose Maddon is a boy who dropped out of fourth grade and dislikes Cecil for his creativeness with wires and getting attention. Mr. Anderson, the narrator, has witnessed the events of the story which gives a back story. Cecil was leaving lumber camp in a couple of weeks to go to U.B.C. University. Cecil appeared with burns on his hands that was suspected to be done by Moose. Mr. Anderson heard laughing near the ravine while calling out to Moose thinking Moose and his fried were drunk. Cecil was going to university and gave Mr. Anderson a watch strap that he made out of wire. Hearing that Moose died, Cecil left camp for university. Mr. Anderson walked along the ravine and saw the two trees bent with marks in them from wires, knowing that his watch was evidence of a murder.
Literary Devices
There are tree characters mentioned in the story. Moose Maddon, Cecil, and the narrator, also known as Mr. Anderson. This evidence is shown when the narrator starts to talk about Cecil, it emphasizes that the narrator is one of the characters. In the story, Mr. Anderson tells the story about Cecil and tries to help him. Mr. Anderson is the narrator because the story is put in his perspective. Cecil is the main character because the story is about him. For instance, it states what his problems are and everything about him. Since the narrator is stating who Cecil is in Mr. Anderson's perspective, the readers don't know Cecil's thoughts. And last but not least, Moose, the antagonist. Moose keeps bullying Cecil, therefore, making them enemies. For example, everyone joked around with Cecil but Moose went past the limit. He was no longer joking, he was bullying. He took so far that he burned Cecil's hand and put his mattress in the river.
Point of View
The point of view is being viewed by Mr. Anderson in first person, narrating the conflicts of Cecil and his surroundings.
Two types of conflicts are:

Person vs. Person - Between Cecil and Moose's relationship.
Person vs. Self - Cecil's self on his decisions and the way he thinks.
Theme #1
In this short story, there are a few themes shown. One of the themes is that everything's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. For instance, when Moose continues to tease and play pranks on Cecil, he took it too far by burning Cecil's hand. Cecil had enough and supposedly murdered Moose. Also, this theme was emphasized when Cecil was crying alone. He wasn't just physically hurt, but emotionally hurt as well. This evidence shows the overall theme is true. Once someone gets hurt it's not all fun and games anymore.
Theme #3
The third theme shown in the story is treat others the way you want to be treated. Moose treated Cecil with hatred and no respect. Cecil retaliated by murdering Moose because he didn't like the way he was being treated. Don't treat others with disrespect and hate, or karma will find you.
There are two other conflicts in this story. For instance, character vs. others and character vs. fate. Cecil was struggling against his peers. They were all teasing him because of his size and appearance. This conflict is character vs. others
Cecil was struggling against fate. He had to decide whether to go back to school or stay at the lumberjack camp for another week. This was going to decide his fate, therefore, making this conflict person vs. fate.
An example of foreshadowing in the story is when Cecil says "That'll be enough for what I have in mind." This is significant because it foreshadows how Moose will die. However, readers immediately assume that the wire will only be used for the watch strap since Cecil is known to be friendly and kind.
In The Moose and the Sparrow, there is situational irony. This is shown when the most physically stronger character dies and the weakest character survives. For example, when Moose burned Cecil's hand, Cecil broke down and he refused to leave the camp. Another example is when Mr.Anderson discovers that Moose's death was not an accident and that his watch strap made of wire was evidence.
An example of symbolism in this story would be Cecil and Moose's nicknames. Moose is called by his name because a moose represents masculinity and power. On the other hand, Cecil is called the "sparrow" because a sparrow represents delicacy, since Cecil is a small guy.
The mood of the story is dull, depressing and gloomy of Cecil's days at lumber camp.
An example of imagery in this story would be when the narrator describes what Moose looks like. Moose is described as " a big moose of a man, even for a lumber stiff, with a round flat unshaven face that looked down angrily and dourly at the world.". Using descriptive words like these make it easier for the reader to visualize things in their minds, just like how we were able to imagine what Moose looks like.
Theme #2
Another theme that was emphasized in the story is appearances are deceiving. Don't judge someone based on their appearance or actions. For example, everyone in the camp thought Cecil was just a small boy that wanted to go to college. He seemed like a nice quiet boy that liked to make things out of wire, but, that same wire can also be used to kill. That same little boy can also be a cold blooded killer. Don't judge a book by its cover.

The Moose and the Sparrow takes place in Canada up north at a lumberjack camp.
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