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browning guns

browning guns

brent williams

on 15 May 2010

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Transcript of browning guns

brownings new maxis shot gun one if the
smoothest shooting and easiest to take apart
and mantain.
brownings cenergy trap one of the
best trap guns that browning makes th browning cenergy classic feild
one of brownings most popular feild
guns. brownings bt-99 one of brownings
most widly bought trap guns. browning guns the best there is they
the best the browning Xbolt the browning B.A.R the browning Abolt the browning BLR was a verr popular pistal in
wornl war 2 the browning bar was made right before
world war 1 and was used in world war one,
world war 2, and korea ane of americas most widly
used automatic rifles. no tools needed to take it apart all you need to take it
apart is a key i have had this gun for three years
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