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The Science of Self-Confidence

No description

J Thurman

on 20 January 2018

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Transcript of The Science of Self-Confidence

The Master Key
to Leadership

J. Thurman
What is Self-Confidence?
Self-Confidence comes from a place of Self Knowing , not Believing.
Self-Confidence is the what you say about yourself to yourself.
"Success is based on confidence and confidence is based on preparation." --Arthur Ashe
First Step to Self-Confidence:

1. Clarify your value to who and what you are before some one else does that for you. What do you stand for and what would you not stand for? Write them down!
What causes a lack of Self - Confidence
I can't...
I won't...
I don't know how...
But what if...
How do you build your Self-Confidence?
Negative Inner Chatter
Allowing someone else to define you
Not Dreaming Big Enough
Constantly trying to save someone
imaginary audience syndrome
You are:
The Architect,
The Designer
The Creator,
The Fashioner,
The Visionary,
The Protagonist
The Owner
of your riches and wealth, period.
Don't be at the mercy of people and circumstance!
Chance favors the prepared mind.
-Louis Pasteur
Feed your thoughts an ample dose of enthusiasm
Practice the Act of Action
Think a level deeper!
Teaches You To Act as If It Already Is.
Teaches You To Understand Your Potential!
Bad Relationship
Expands your consciousness
Endows you with the Power to Do any and everything you want to Do
Gives you the Power to Set Bigger Goals and Bigger Objectives.
You Would Stop Pleasing Everybody.
Be Bolder and More Imaginative which leads to higher level of creativity.
Get things done now!
Be More powerful and persuasive!
Speak Up and Speak OUT!
Become more sought after!
Attract More Increases into you life!
Self-Esteem is key and it is simply how much do you like yourself. Self-Confidence is decreased or increased based on your personal level of self-esteem. This plays a key factor in your ability to perform a certain task at anytime. Your speed and accuracy in doing a certain task is heightened based on your level of self-esteem.
more self-esteem=more self-confidence=unmatched levels of self-mastery
high competency=high self-esteem
to operate at a high level of "flow" you need:
1. Clear goals
2. challenging Standards or ways to measure the goal
3. regular feedback
4. total concentration
5. step by step success-a way to measure growth
Be Fearless!
Path of Least Resistance
Point A
Point C
Point B
Be clear deciding what you want!
Goal Setting-think where you are and where you want to go
Think of who you need to get your goal accomplished
Wasted Self-Confidence
Stop Low Balling yourself!
Not asking for what you want
Limiting and rejecting yourself before someone else is given the chance yourself
Bulling Someone
manipulating someone against that persons better judgement
Self-Confidence is an attitude of the mind
"I Matter."
(what you hold dear to you)
How do you maintain your self-confidence?
Never Stop Achieving!
Never Stop Learning!
Limit the Social Poisons that try to infect the mind!
Watch the words and people you allow around you!
Recognize the beautiful "YOU" as you are, where you stand!
"Know Thy Self"
Having a Poor:
self-confidence starts with a thought
Self-Confidence is the power to obtain anything you want with the least amount of resistance.
What We All Want.
1. Immortality
2. Validity
3. Credibility
4. Recognition
5. Significance
Self-Respect- A proper esteem for a sense of the worth or excellence of a person
Keys to a
When You Don't Know, Find Out!
Don't Take It Personal!
Mine Your Mind!
Understand Your Worth!
Find a Mentor!
Watch Your Mouth!
Over Caution Kills Confidence!
Stop Low-ballin' Yourself!
Know Your Number!
Don't let the dominant personality in your inner circle of influence...Influence your outer values!
10 Steps to Outstanding Confidence
I love myself!
...and if I don't I can learn. I can learn to live with or without the love of other people. But I must first find out what R.E.A.L Love is, then love myself and come to terms with who I am, what I have to work with and what I want. Knowing what I want does not take years, that's a cop out. I can start today and continue to strive for human excellence by first learning to give selflessly without wasting time on getting used. I can learn the basic skills that make me a better person. And if I don't know I will fight to surround myself with the kind of people I want to be, so that I can become the person I have to become. This is R.E.A.L Love!
Make Better Choices
(Science of Self Confidence)
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