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Ingredients in: An Oreo Cookie

No description

Andy Tran

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Ingredients in: An Oreo Cookie

Corn Products:
Corn starch and Corn Syrup
An Oreo Cookie: What else can we say? it's GOOD! But do you really know what's in it?
Before Chocolate become Chocolate it starts out as a Cocoa Bean. The major exports of Cocoa Beans are: Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia, Brazil, and Nigeria. Together, they have grow/export 80% of the world's Cocoa Beans (about 3.6 million metric tons per year!)
Oreo cookies were introduced to canadians in the 1970's and as of now, all oreos are maufactured in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in Montreal Quebec Canada.
Les Buscuit sont dans Montreal!
The 3 main Exporters of Sugar are: Brazil, Thailand, India, and Australia. The Sugar is extracted from mainly sugar Cane. Brazil produces and exports about 22.2 million tons of Sugar Yearly, giving them the title of the #1 sugar exporter in the world!
One of the 2 major exporters of flour is Turkey. The crops are mainly grown in the Anatolia area of Turkey. As of 2009, Turkey has atleast 500 top industries and about 9% of the world's flour exports.
Flowers? NO, F L O U R
Ingredients in: An Oreo Cookie (By: Andy)
Corn Starch
Canola Oil
Corn Syrup
What Pepper's BFF?........ It's SALT
Believe it or not, Canada is the top 10 Exporters of salt! Windsor Salt Company, one of Canada's major producers, recently sold it's brand to the Candadian Salt Company limited headquartered in Pointe-Claire Quebec Canada.
The U.S is the main exporter of Corn. The main crops are in the states Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska and Minnesota. In 2010, the U.s grew 29% of the World's Corn Crops.
Milk's Favourite Cookies :)
Holy Canoly,It's Canola Oil!
Canada is proud to be the #1 Exporter of Canola Oil! We Produce a yearly amount of 6.2 tons canola seeds which
eventually turns into oil. The Canola
industry adds up to 11 billion in economic activity to the Canadian economy each year!
Canola Oil
Corn Products
Cocoa Beans
World map of Ingrediants of a Oreo Cookie
Work Cited
This was a VERY fun to do but, this has also taught me some things. One thing I learned is that there is a whole lot more to the food yo think you know inside out (Back Story) and, Canada is very connected to other parts of the world!
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