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prefixes, roots, and sufixes

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pablo Gamas Landavazo

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of prefixes, roots, and sufixes

re means agian prefixes redo mono one, alone, single monologue pre before, erlier than preview non not, the reverse nonsese un not unhelpful Less- lacking,without Suffix Example:Heartless Example: biology Logy- the study of example: teacher ant, ent, er, or: Suffix Suffix one who the state of, character of. ity, ty, y Roots example unity ment: act of, state of Example: Stit, stisto retirement... tact To touch ten,tent, tain to hold tend,tens,tent to stretch tract to draw Status Contact Tenable Extend Attract Prefixes, Suffixes and roots
by: Pablo Gamas, Alberto Gomez
and Samantha Torres Prefixes are syllables used before a root
or a base word Suffixes are added to the end of a root word A base word is a root that is a complete word Origin: Latin Origin: Greek Origin: Latin Origin: Latin Origin: Old English Origin: Mid 17th Century Origin: Old English Origin: Middle English Origin: Late Middle English Origin: Old English Origin: Old english Origin: Mid 19th Century Origin: Old english Origin: French Origin: French we are glad you saw the end
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