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To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 19

No description

Brianna Coco

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 19

To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 19
Literary Terms
The theme;
Forshadowing is seen a lot in this chapter of the upcoming futur of Tom Robinson.
Metaphors such as
"...Mayella must have been the loneliest person in the world. Even lonelier than Boo Radley who had not been outside his home in twenty five years..."
But she said he took advanntage of her, and when she stood up she looked at him as if he were dirt beneath her feet.
choppin and totin
Darkness had not come, but the afternoon sun had left thewindows.





1. If you were a part of the jury whose side would you chose (Mayella or Tom) and why would you chose said side?

3. How do you think the kids (Jem, Scout, and Dill) felt about and viewed the whole situation and explain.

2. How do you believe Tom Robinson felt of this whole situation, and how would you of reacted if you were in his place, and why?

Main Conflict
The main conflict of this chapter: It is now Tom Robinson’s turn to tell his side of the situation, at this point he has contradicted everything Mayella has said to the jury, I believe the main conflict is that due to Tom’s race and because he said he felt sorry for Mayella who is a white female, and Tom is a black male, they are all against him because he of how people view dark skinned people, especially men in this kind of situation.

The characters who are in this conflict are especially Mr Glimer and Atticus.

"Little toy guns" by Carrie underwood and "Am i Wrong" by Nico and Vinz. I find these songs really bring out the meaning of the trial. I will play little toy guns because i find it's the best way to explain the trial, how Tom is feeling about this and how everyone is against him.
A title for this chapter
I would call this chapter "The Deadly Trial". I would call it this because as you read the chapter the more hate is made towards Tom. You see how easily it is for him to say something and have it turned right back at him by Mr. Gilmer. Like when he said he felt sorry for Mayella, everyone white person in the court room was unhappy and gave him horrible looks. Even though he tells the truth no one believes him except for Atticus. Things he says can also easily be change by Mayella in the trial. Will just have to read to find out.
Scout Finch - In this chapter you see that she's probably never seen her father in the court room. Her innocence definitely shows that.
Jem finch - Jem knows a lot about his father's work as you can see in the story that Scout is found asking Jem what there father is doing many times.
Dill - He is seen crying around the end of chapter because of the way that Mr. Gilmer treated Tom discovery that even if there black no one should be treated like that.
Atticus Finch - Atticus is a real gentleman. He's the same on the street as he is in court.
Tom Robinson - One of his arms had been chopped off years ago and he's a tall, strong man who has had a convicted of a crime.
Mayella Ewell - Mayella was seen in the chapter before, as a rude girl thinking Atticus was making fun of he, but in this chapter Mayella is seen to be a sad and lonely girl who is neither accepted by the whites or blacks.
judge Taylor - Judge taylor isvery different from other judges, he allows smoking in the court room and from his appearance during this chapter, he hates blacks.
Mr. Gilmer - No one knows who he is, he's from Abbottsvile. He's between his fortys and sixtys. He a balding, smooth faces man and has a a slight cast in his eyes which he uses to his advatage. He snickers and calls Tom a chil, he also is the reason why Dill was crying at the end of the chapter.
Mr.Ewell - is Mayella's father, during this chapter he's silent but Tom isn't affraid to say that Mr. Ewell was the one who called Mayella a whore and said he kill her.
Dr. Dolphus Raymond - Is a man who prefers to live with the blacks and drinks a lot.
Reverend Sykes - Sit with the kids up in the balcony and was the man at the church to raise ten dollars in money for Tom's wife who couldn't find and work.
Summary: At this point of the story it’s Tom’s turn to testify. He explains that over the years he’s passed the Ewell’s coming back from work, he tells that Mayella has asked him to help with chores in the past, but in this specific case, she’s asked him to come into the house to fix a door. When he realizes the door doesn’t need to be fixed, she asked him to grab a box from a high shelf. When he was reaching for the box Mayella grabbed his leg and frightened him. He then testified that she wrapped her arms around his waist and asked him to kiss her, and then he explains that Mr. Ewell showed up and started calling Mayella whore and threatening to kill her, and that was when Tom fled. Mr.Glimer has the chance to cross-examine Mr.Robinson , asking him what his motivations were for helping the young girl. Suddenly Tom explains that he felt sorry for her, putting the whole court room into a fuss, in Maycomb a black person should not feel sorry for a white person. The way Mr Glimer was treating Tom made Dill upset and sickened causing him to leave the room with Scout, then for he explained that the way Mr Glimer was treating Tom was not faire and no one should be treated that way. During this period Scout and Dill run into Dolphus Raymond, the rich man with the colored mistress. They soon find out that Mr Dolphus isn’t how he actually acts, but he does it for the mire purpose of pleasuring the rest of Maycomb. (Acts drunk and pretends to be drinking alcohol from a brown paper bag)

By Amber and Brianna
Songs for this chapter
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