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The BLACKout Magazine

No description

Cicely Haire

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The BLACKout Magazine

The BLACKout Magazine
We are a group of students with interests in media, journalism, marketing, public relations, news, culture, business, politics, sports, music, education, fashion, travel, law, health, the arts, literature, history and our communities, with the desire to deliver compelling and engaging stories in our own authentic way.
Like the original print publication, The BLACKout seeks to provide a diverse perspective on student life, local, national and international news, and culture. We welcome healthy, respectful and thought-provoking conversations. With our fists held high and our minds set on evoking change, we are once again hitting the pavement and declaring our arrival.
Who We Are
What We Do
A Different Perspective
Our Mission
We seek to provide a voice from minority students to minority students here on campus, throughout the Columbia area, and beyond into the global community, by disseminating pertinent information to the lives of our audience and covering stories that are not always given the proper attention, or by covering similar stories from a different perspective.
Why We Do It
Connect With Us
Instagram: theblackoutmag
LinkedIn: The BLACKout
Founded in 1969 in response to what students felt was a lack of coverage of the Black experience at the University
Founding editors included:

Sheila Rule
: Thirty-year writer and senior editor at the New York Times, president of Resilience Multimedia, co-founder of the Think Outside the Cell Foundation

Dorothy Gaiter
: Wall Street Journal columnist and national news editor, The Miami Herald's first Black female editorial writer, two-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, Missouri Honor Medal recipient

Gerald Boyd
: First Black managing editor at the New York Times, led three Pulitzer Prize-winning pieces, managed the NYT during six-time Pulitzer Prize-winning post-9/11 coverage

Thomas Morgan
: Reporter, editor and manager at the New York Times, President of the National Association of Black Journalists, Lifetime Achievement Award recipient from NABJ & MU
In 2010, after a 30-year hiatus, TBO was revived by NABJ-MU students, seeking to once again tell our stories
What We've Done
Over 182,000 website views
30% of total views via mobile devices
Increase in multimedia content
Partnerships with NABJ-MU, s c u l p t magazine, MU Athletics, Desire 2 Aspire and other campus organizations
Interviews with Roland Martin, Judge Hatchett, Joey Bada$$
Successful former staff and alumni, working for companies like Huffington Post, Newsy, Madame Noire and BET
Online and mobile expansion
Brief video coverage (similar to Now This, Newsy, etc.)
Pulse & Flipboard apps
iBooks Author app
Long-form magazine publication
Room for deep, award-winning feature pieces
More, bigger events
Free Your Mind II
Networking events
Possible travel opportunities
Sporting events, fashion shows, conferences, etc.
Increases in content
Music and film festivals, interviews with professors
More in all areas
What We Need
Writers, writers, writers
Regular staff members
Columnists, contributors, bloggers
Copy editors
Section editors: Lifestyle, Business, Culture, News, Politics, Multimedia
Graphic Designers, illustrators
Photographers, videographers
Promotions Team members
What You'll Get
A group of friends, peers, colleagues and connects
Mentorship and advice from fellow students
A well-connected executive board and staff network
Increased skills and experience in your interest area(s)
Learn more about photography, editing, Wordpress, particular section, other software and equipment, etc.
An impressive portfolio or resume
Help with writing/designing resume, cover letter, thank-you notes, etc.
LinkedIn recommendations and letters
When We'll Meet Again
Wednesday, September 25th at 7:00pm
Strickland 124A (Computer Lab)

2013-2014 Executive Board

Cicely Haire
: Editor-In-Chief / President

Zachary McGowan
: Managing Editor / Vice President

Danyelle Gray
: Promotions Manager

Dawon Baker
: Business Operations Manager

Alexis Johnson
: Director of Public Relations & Outreach

Brooke Bishop
: Co-Director of Public Relations & Outreach

Latisha Hickem
: Sports Editor

Benita Brown
: Copy Editor
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