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Movie Analysis - Silver Linings Playbook

No description

Gwen Blasco

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Movie Analysis - Silver Linings Playbook

Movie Analysis of:
Gwen Blasco and Muhammad Ihssan
Pat Solitano - recently discharged from mental institution, moves back with his parents, tries to get his wife back
Pat meets Tiffany
Tiffany - depressed widow, agrees to help him win his wife back over by delivering his letter, in return for his participation in a dance competition with her
Pat's father makes a bet with his friend that if Pat and Tiffany score an average score of 5 in their competition AND the Eagles win the game against the Cowboys he will win back double his lost money.
Pat and Tiffany realize they are in love with each other after the dance competition at the end of the movie
Relationship to Psychology
characters with psychological disorders
family problems
role of the therapist
Disorder Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder I

Two Types:
Manic (In Bipolar I) : Elevated mood and goal directed activity or energy, lasting at least 1 week, and present most of the day, nearly every day.
Hypomanic (In Bipolar II): Expansive, elevated, and irritable mood and abnormally and persistently increased activity or energy, lasting at least 4 days

Pat Solitano, Jr.
Manic Symptoms:
Decreased need for sleep - keeps his parents up by ranting about Hemingway
Goal Directed Activity - goal to reunite with Nikki
tries to lose weight so she will like him
tries to read all the books that she is teaching
Pressure to keep talking - Continues to ask Tiffany about her sex affairs with co-workers, despite saying he would stop/the fact that it was inconsiderate of Tiffany to do so.
Severity of Mood Disturbance that could result in harm of oneself or others:
Becomes excessively violent whenever he hears his wedding song, which was playing when he found his wife with his co-worker, whom he nearly beat to death
Gets into a fight with his dad, and accidentally harms his mother
Gets into a fight at the football stadium.

Manic Episode Criteria Depicted in Pat’s Behavior (Taken from the DSM V):
Disorder Diagnosis
Major Depressive Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Tiffany Maxwell
Diagnosis Criteria for Depression (according to the DSM V):

Exhibits long term depressive mood
Tiffany is often in an irritable mood, and often appears to be lonely
Diminished interest in activities
Reluctant to spend time with her sister’s family at the dinner party).
Possible psychomotor retardation
has trouble finding a job after she is fired from her last one, following her involvement in sex affairs with co-workers
Diminished ability to think or concentrate
Tiffany’s envy of Pat’s obsession with Nikki causes her to lose focus on the dance competition. Similarly, being reminded of her loneliness causes her to act irrationally, and drink/get in affairs with men).

Borderline Personality Disorder Diagnostic Criteria (According to the DSM V)

Pattern of unstable and interpersonal relationships
Tiffany’s multiple sexual relationships with men
Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self damaging
Sex and drinking
Chronic feelings of emptiness
Often feels lonely and not loved, causing her to chase after men to ‘fill’ that emptiness
Inappropriate intense anger
the restaurant scene with Pat, and again later when Pat is walking with her on the street during Halloween
Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment
Tiffany’s fear of this causes her to chase after men, and to want to be in a relationship with Pat

Disorder Diagnosis: OCD
Superstitions about the Eagles games he watches.

Fixing the remotes
Trying to use Pat as good luck by making him watch the Eagles games
Bids his restaurant money on Eagles games

Other Problems:
Temper/violence: Goes into a fit in which he beats up people at an Eagles game
Gambling Problem

Pat Solitano, Sr.
Pat's family
economic - Pat Sr. struggles to make a living after he lost his old business; tries to start up a restaurant business
dysfunctional family at its breaking point - father and son always fighting, mother always trying to resolve things
Ronnie and Veronica
economic issues
problems between husband and wife
Domestic violence- Pat Jr. spots his wife with a co-worker and nearly beats the man to death.

Portrayal of Family Issues
Exposure Therapy: Pat Jr. is exposed to his wedding song which was playing when he caught his wife cheating with another teacher, eventually learning to not overreact when he hears the song.

Behavior Therapy: practice for the dance competition could have helped to make Pat a more dedicated and trustworthy partner, as he wished to be for Nikki.

Cognitive Therapy: The envisioned new man (Excelsior) envisioned by Pat, and backed by Dr.Patel. Pat strived to ‘recreate’ himself and his image, and think positively about himself in his effort to win back Nikki.

Overall Accuracy of the Film
Family issues - Pat and Tiffany’s family - issues of estrangement of family members / economic problems

The movie shows some of the ways which having mental illnesses such as bipolar could impact an individual, as well as his family

Depicts symptoms of bipolar disorder/bpd/depression/ocd accurate to an extent, as well as the struggle which one may have with treating the disorder
Pat Jr. often did not like taking his medication

Inaccuracies of the Film
Because the film is a romantic comedy, it sometimes lacks the seriousness which a psychological disorder usually accompanies.
The Therapist, Dr. Patel
portrayed as serious and ‘legitimate’ at first as a mentor figure for Pat
later joins Pat in becoming a maniacal Eagles Fan involved in a brawl
Movie seems to suggest that by participating in the dance competition, Pat somehow becomes miraculously healed from many symptoms of his disorder, when in reality having such a disorder could entail long term dedication to therapy and treatment.
Movie’s focus is on the romance between the two protagonists

Thank You!
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