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Calm vs. ChAoS

No description

Kara Jackson

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of Calm vs. ChAoS

This quote is memorable because it shows that Atsumori has forgiven his murderer, Rensei. He forgave this man even after he had taken away his life, because that man had prayed so profusely for his soul to be saved by Buddah. It shows that even through all of the bloodlust, man is capable of remorse, as well as capable of searching for and achieving peace.
Why is this quote memorable?
The Tale of Atsumori
"There is my enemy," he cries, and would strike,
But the other is grown gentle
And calling on Buddha's name
Has obtained salvation for his foe;
So that they shall be re-born together
On one lotus-seat.
"No, Rensei is not my enemy.
Pray for me again, oh pray for me again."
Quote From Text
"There is my enemy, my murderer" the boy would have struck him with his sword, however, he saw that Rensei had changed and become gentle in spirit. And by Rensei calling on Buddha's name, he had caused Autsomori's soul to gain salvation; In this way, the two would be re-born in a second life together. "No, Rensei is not my enemy. Pray for me again Rensei, oh pray for me again."
My Translation
This quote is memorable because it demonstrate Blancandrin speaking with King Marsile about how if he could go to King Charlamagne bearing signs of peace, to show that he was coming to the Franks humbly and calmly, and how if he were to do this, then Blancandrin believed that Charlemagne would reward Marsile. (then he could strike after gaining his trust). So the Franks, who are resonable and just, would believe his intentions were true, because they are a docile folk.
Why is this quote memorable?
The Song of Roland

Take two olive-branches, as a symbol of good tidings to the king, to show humility and peace. If with your artistic and skilled charm you can gain his favor,...
My Translation
"Bear in each hand a branch of olive-tree
"In token of humility and peace.
"If by your arts his favor you can gain,..."
Quote From Text
In Conclusion...
How my Prezi Links to The Actual Project!
Calm or ChAoS?
What Were Humans Made For?
Kara Jackson's

Modern Example of the text
Modern Example of the Text
I believe
humans were intended
After Adam and Eve were thrown from The
Garden, our race slowly evolved towards chaos
and bloodlust. There are still people who believe in peace and not acting out in violence such as monks, but just as those people exist, so do violent ones like murderers. I feel as though the true underlying nature of a human yearns for peace. In class we read two texts, which I will use quotes from to support my claim.
The first text is...
And the second text is...
Arthur Waley
Leonce Rabillion
So in the video, we are introduced to Eris, Goddess of Chaos. Similar to Ganelon's observation that if Marsile were to get rid of Roland, the Franks' army would be easily dispersed, Eris stated that she can pull one thread and the mortal world would unravel into chaos. The thread representing the Book of Peace which keeps chaos from destroying the 12 cities in the film.
Then, we see Eris persuading Sinbad to steal the Book of Peace for her, much like Ganelon persuaded Marsile to kill Roland
Then Eris takes the appearance of Sinbad in order to steal the Book of Peace herself, her ultimate plan beginning to play out exactly how she had expected
Next shown is when Proteus has gone to see his old friend, to find out if Sinbad truly did steal the book. Sinbad realizes that Eris must have framed him and tells this to the Prince. Then, during Sinbad's trial, Proteus demands to take Sinbad's place so the thief can prove his innocence by retrieving the stolen book.
The replacement factor also ties in with Roland because Charlemange chose Ganelon to go to war and Roland offered to replace him.
Then shown is Eris's first attempt at causing Sinbad to fail to return to Syracuse, she sends Sirens to lure the crew to their deaths. This attempt is foiled by Marina (woman with boy haircut).
Eris's second and final attempt to stop Sinbad from reaching Tartarus is when she sends a blizzard to freeze the ship in place, this attempt is foiled by a rocky avalanche which breaks the ice.
Eris plays coy with Sinbad in Tartarus to make him see what her true plan was. She then tricks him using her "game" to make him think he was lying. Similar to how Blancandrin suggested Marsile feign peace to Charlemange.
Finally, Sinbad returns to Syracuse just in time to take Proteus' place. By letting himself take said place, Eris is forced to come through on her end of the deal, returning the infamous Book to the kingdom. And thus, peace is restored.
(Unfortunately, in the text we read, Roland doesn't live).

I do not own Sinbad, it is a Dreamworks production from 2003
Song: Glory and Gore by Lorde
For starters, I tried to make the movement of my Prezi chaotic. Secondly, I spelled "Chaos" in the title in a chaotic manner. Thirdly, the color scheme I used as well as the background was calm and peaceful. And finally, the two clouds introducing each text, one was a calm and peaceful cloud and the other was an angry chaotic cloud.
And of course the song deserves it's own explanation:
I chose it because the lyrics support my statement "man was created for peace, but evolved towards chaos and bloodlust"
For Example:
"But in all chaos, there is calculation"
"Everyone a rager (oh-oh)
But secretly they're saviors
Glory and gore go hand in hand"
Over Her Dead Body
2008 New Line Media/ Gold Circle Films
It's like Atsumori, but less violent and in reverse
Man (Atsumori) killed by other man stabbing him
Atsumori recounts events before and during his death
Woman (Kate) killed by angel statue falling on her
Kate recounts and wishes for events before her death (namely her fiancee)
Atsumori & OHDB
The killer/ person astumori haunts is a preist
The person Kate haunts is a psychic who consults a preist
In the end, Atsumori forgives Rensei for killing him
In the end, Ashley forgives Kate for torturing her
I believe that humans were most definitely created for peace, and that this is shown through not only ancient texts, but also in modern media and literature. Though humans can be violent and sadistic in nature, I believe that under it all, we yearn for the harmony and tranquility that is peace.
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