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Twitter Marketing Week 3

No description

Amanda Munday

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Twitter Marketing Week 3

Twitter Marketing Week 3
- The Open API
- Creating Content (good stuff!)
- Contests/Giveaways
-Measuring Success

Understanding the API
Widgets for Web
Building Content
Twitter is built on open source software, from the back-end to the front-end. Twitter engineers use, contribute to and release a lot of open source software. We of the Twitter Open Source Program Office support a variety of open source organizations and are grateful to the open source community for their contributions, and want to maintain our healthy, reciprocal relationship.

If you have questions or problems, please tweet us at @twitteross. For media inquiries, please go here.
- Twitter.com
Twitter is built with Ruby on Rails
Java Servers to resolve downtime issues
Twitter is Open Source
Adding a Twitter Button to the Web: https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons#tweet
Embed Twitter Feed or Button
Embed Tweet
Hootsuite Follow-up
- Experiences?
- Frustrations?
- Successes?
Who's talking to/about you?
What's your Reach? How many people say/could have seen your tweet?

What is the tone of the conversation?

Total Tweets
: Strength in numbers

How many times do you reply to a person? Is it a one-off mention or a longer chat?
Breaking News
Making the Twitter Business Case
Successful Brands on Twitter
Replies over RTs
- Think about how you would talk to someone IRL (in real life). if a RT is like a "high-five", what is a good conversation starter?
Thanks and praise
Links to more information
Requests for more information
Being Human
Klout and Kred
Friendly replies
Interesting content
Well Wishes and thanks
Starbucks - One Person with a big brand
Multiple Authors
Helpful to source with initials
Clever Plugs
A Person - A brand
Hosting A Twitter Contest
Contests and sweepstakes on Twitter may offer prizes for:

Tweeting a particular update: "Tell us what Timeraiser Means to You"

For following a particular user: "Follow us to enter"

For posting updates with a specific hashtag.:
- Ask Twitter Users to exhibit good behavior (don't create multiple accounts, posting the same tweet multiple times).
- Follow all applicable local laws
- Don't be irritating
- consider using #contest or #win (not both)
- Use "First to Respond" Contest approaches
- Use Trivia that forces the user to check your Facebook page or Website
- Select a random winner from everyone who used the Hashtag or @mention
- Remind users they need to follow you to be DM'd if they win
Klout = how likely is it that your content will be commented on? (RT'd, replied to, reshared)
Professional Monitoring
Free Monitoring Tools
Why measuring matters
The investment of dollars is low
Immediate customer reactions
Measuring Sentiment for a "true response" to your product/service
Lots of time investment, low dollar investment, immediate resturn on investment!
Where do you find your weather news?
The balance of building followers
Consider what your strategy will be with follower/following count
Imbalanced following count often gets flagged as spam or an inauthentic use of the space
Twitter Header!
Why did you pick the header you did? Have you noticed any impact? - Metrics will help!
Best Guide:
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