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Two way pitcher

No description

Laura Cody

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Two way pitcher

Sandy Crow
Fireball [Manny Hull]
A Two Way Pitcher

By M.G.
Pete Palm
Mike Fine [coach]
Toney Fine [Mikes younger brother]
Sandy Crow
Sandy is an outfeilder. He has red hair, freckels and is great at stealing bases.
[Manny Hull ]
Manny Hull had been nick-named Fireball by all his teamates.He was a pitcher and had a amazing fast ball.He was very tall for his age and a great athlete.
Pete Palm
Pete has brown hair and is very thin. He is a catcher for the Turtles and is a very good one.
Tony Fine
Tony Fine is Mike Fine's little brother.He is also a catcher and is a great athlete. He looks a lot like his brother, blond hair, brown eyes, thin, and tall.
Jim Peacock is the pitcher for the Pines, the Turtles rivals, and he is a great athlete. Jim lives in a very nice neighborhood and goes to a very nice school. He often brags about how his school has this and his school has that.
Jim Pecock
and Cory Tucker
Cory Tucker
Cory Tucker is the catcher for the Pines and is Jim Pecocks best friend.The Pines are a very hard team to beat.
Five adjectives to decribe this book
Manny Hull,[Fireball],Sandy Crow,Pete Palm, and Tony Fine, are all best friends and play for the Turtle Town little leauge baseball team.They are all about 11 years old.It is summer and the boys are getting ready for the baseball camp they always go to. At this camp baseball teams from surrounding towns come and they play games against each other.
The first game is the Turtles versus the Pines. The Pines are a very hard team to beat, but so are the Turtles, according to all the other teams. The Pines often brag about how good they are and how they have a great new pitcher named Jim, and how he works so well with thier catcher Cory. The Pines didn't know that Fireball, the Turtles pitcher, and Pete the Turtles catcher work good together too. The Turtles ended up winning the game.
The turtles make a bet with their coach that they will win the big game at the end of camp.Next the Turtles verse the Maples, they are sure they will win.
The Turtles keep moving up in the competition and they beat the Maples.Next they verse Guys Town. But the Pines are moving up too.
The Turtles lose against Guys Town, but if they win against the Pines they will win and get their town on the map.
The Turtles won but it was close, and they got their town on the map.
I reccomend this book to people who like baseball.
Ages 9-13
'A must read' -EMMA PLATT
a Fast and fun Read if you love sports-EMMA PLATT
if you like baseball you should read this book-emma platt
The genre of this book would be :
Two way pitcher
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