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The Trial of Jose Rizal

Report in Rizal Course, 03/04/2013; University of Santo Tomas AMV-College of Accountancy

Lycelle Balaoing

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of The Trial of Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal: The Arrest and Trial Preliminary
Investigations Kundiman Himno A
Talisay Recommendations
given Rizal
chooses his
defender Testimonial
Evidences Reading
Charges by Jose Rizal by Jose Rizal by Don Nicolas dela Peña 20 November 1896 The preliminary investigations (which
lasted for five days) began. Jose Rizal
appeared before Judge Advocate
Colonel Francisco Olive. Documentary Evidences October 16, 1888 letter
of Antonio Luna (Madrid)
to Mariano Ponce August 20, 1890 letter
of Jose Rizal (Madrid)
to his family January 7, 1889 letter of
Marcelo H. del Pilar (Madrid)
to Deodato Arellano “Kundiman”, a poem allegedly
written by Jose Rizal on
September 12, 1891 in Manila In the Orient beautiful
Where the sun is born,
In a land of beauty
Full of enchantments
But bound in chains.
Where the despot reigns, KUNDIMAN by Jose Rizal The land dearest to me.
Ah! That is my country,
She is a slave oppressed
Groaning in the tyrant’s grips;
Lucky shall he be
Who can give her liberty! September 18, 1891 letter
of Carlos Oliver (Barcelona) A Masonic document dated
Manila, February 9, 1892 May 24, 1892 letter of
Dimasalang (Hong Kong)
to Tenluz June 1, 1892 letter
of Dimasalang
(Hong Kong) A letter to the Editor
of the Hong Kong
Telegraph September 3, 1892 letter of
Ildefonso Laurel (Manila)
to Jose Rizal September 17, 1892 letter
of Rizal Segundo June 1, 1893 letter of Marcelo
H. del Pilar (Madrid) to Don
Juan A. Tenluz Transcript of a speech of
Pingkian in the Katipunan
reunion of July 23, 1893 Transcript of a speech
of Tik-Tik in the same
Katipunan reunion A poem by Laong Laan
entitled “Himno A Talisay” “en el trance sabremos luchar”
“Nuestros brazos manejan a un tiempo el cuchillo, la pluma, la azada, la picqueta, el fusil y la espada, compañeros del fuerte varon” Martin
Constantino Aguedo del Rosario Jose
Reyes Moises
Salvador Jose
Dizon Domingo
Franco Deodato Arellano Ambrosio Salvador Pedro
Laktaw Dr. Pio
Valenzuela Antonio Salazar Francisco Quison Timoteo Paez 26 November 1896 Colonel Olive transmitted the case to Governor General Ramon Blanco. Captain Rafael Dominguez was appointed as special Judge Advocate. Captain Dominguez Made brief resume of charges and gave it back to Gov. Gen. Blanco who, then, forwarded it to Judge Advocate General Don Nicolas de la Peña Rizal must be subjected
to trial at once Rizal should be
kept in prison An attachment order
must be issued against
Rizal’s properties An army officer must be Rizal’s
defender at the courts The only right given to Jose
Rizal by the Spanish authorities
is for him to choose his own defense counsel. 08 December 1896 A list of 1st and 2nd lieutenants in the Spanish army was given to Jose Rizal. Don Luis Taviel de Andrade 1st lieutenant in the Spanish Artillery
Younger brother of Lt. Jose Taviel de Andrade 11 December 1896 The information of charges was read before Rizal together with his defense counsel. 11 December 1896 “the principal organizer and the living soul of the Filipino insurrection, the founder of societies, periodicals and books dedicated to fomenting and propagating ideas of rebellion" According
to Rizal... Pleaded not guilty
of rebellion Admitted that he wrote
the Constitution of the
La Liga Filipina which is
just a civic association Waived the right to amend statements already made; he had not taken part of politics since his Dapitan exile 13 December 1896 Capt. Dominguez forwarded the papers of Rizal’s case to Malacañan Palace 13 December 1896 Gen. Camilo G. de Polavieja became the Governor General of the colony, succeeding Gov. Gen. Blanco Resource(s): JOSE RIZAL: Life, Works, and Writings
by Zaide, Gregorio F.
Jose Rizal: Social Reformer and Patriot
(A Study of His Life and Times) fin. Happy birthday GINO. :)
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