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Private Today, Public Tomorrow

No description

Laurie Weiss

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Private Today, Public Tomorrow

Private Today, Public Tomorrow
Today's digital citizenship lesson will help students
Consider the possible benefits and risks of sharing information online.
Recognize the importance of context in posting or viewing online images.
Understand what choices you need to make to protect the privacy of others online.

Why do you think things posted online tend to persist, even when you prefer they didn’t?

What surprised you about these two videos?

Does 'freedom of speech' protect employees from getting fired or reprimanded over social media postings?

What are some basic rules you should remember when using social media?

Is it possible for someone to see a posting even though their profile is set to private?

Even if you “unpost” something, it can persist online because information can easily be re-posted, copied, and passed around by others.
What kinds of things might be good for your reputation in the future if they are posted online now?
What kinds of things might be harmful?
Photos and videos of you doing activities for school and community
Positive comments about you from others
Cool things you created for school or for fun

Embarrassing or humiliating comments or photos
Hints of drug or alcohol use
References to illegal or bad behavior
Personal information that you shared in confidence with someone
Photos that were taken without your consent

Anything posted online can persist for years to come, and this might affect important parts of your future, such as attending schools or getting jobs.

Check you privacy settings?

Never complain about your boss, co-workers or place of employment

Whatever you post on line you should be comfortable with the whole world knowing.

"If you don't have anything nice to say . . . ."

What surprised you about this
It's possible to have something you posted re-posted by an ex-friend or angry co-worker.
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