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No description

Amanda Hassler

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Sabra

Sabra History & Background Produced by the Sabra Dipping Company
Founded in 1986
Headquarters are located in Astoria, NY
Sabra belongs to the Ready-to-Serve Dips category
Positioned well in the health & wellness segment Product Category Ready-to-Serve Dips Category covers anything from hummus, to bean dips, to cheese dips.
Growing category since consumers are becoming more health conscious
Sabra brand is growing & increasing its share in the market. (Elliot, 2012) (GFK/Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 2011) Category Trends Steady rise in sales since 2005
Sales proportional increased 1-1.5% each year since 2005.
Total homemakers use in 6 months:
2011-37.2% (GFK/Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 2011) Consumer Trends Consumers: Strong interest with all-natural & healthy ingredients
Bandwagon: Looking for the latest flavors
Sales: Women are the largest consumer (Goldschmidt, 2011)
(GFK/Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 2011) Sabra's Main Consumer 7.9% of all U.S. homemakers are heavy users
73.6% are women
52.3% between the ages of 18-54
61.6% without high school or college degree (GFK/Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 2011) Sales History & Share of Market In refrigerated-dips-&-spreads market: Held 33% of the $400 million in 2008
Fastest-growing brand of the $2 billion
Up 20.4% from 2009 to 2012 in dollar sales (Kinsey, 2008)
Elliot, 2010)
(Goldschmidt, 2011) Competitors Major Competitors: Pace
Athenos Hummus Other Competitors: Hidden Valley Ranch Dip
La Victoria (GFK/Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 2011) Marketing Mix Product Life Cycle: Growth Stage 2010 Campaign: Tested 5 regional markets
Exceeded Expectations
Marketing initiative expanded nationally (Elliot, 2010) Key Positioning Packaging: Recognizable red lids "Adventure Awaits"
Healthier fare (Kinsey, 2008)
(Elliot, 2010) Pricing Strategy & Distribution Priced at $.50 per ounce
Sold in all major grocery stores in US region Sabra Competitors Pace- $.88 per ounce
Athenos Hummus- $.55 per ounce (Progressive Grocer, 2011) Current Promotion Current Campaign "Adventure Awaits"
"In Need of Taste Intervention" Includes TV commercials
2 Websites
Digital ads
Social Media: Facebook & Twitter
Ads in grocery stores
Events: Chef's tour & house parties Sabra's 25 Market Taste Adventure Tour Local chefs preparing Sabra-inspired meals
Sharing samples of new line of products Sampling Food Trucks
Super Bowl Twitter Party
Periodic Sweepstakes Drawings (Elliot, 2010)
(Synaptic, 2001) Traditional Media Advertising Spending 2009 2010 Total Media Advertising: $2,248,200 2011 Total Media Advertising: $1,882,700
100% Spot TV Total Media Advertising: $4,447,300
0.6% Network Radio
99.95% Spot TV (Kantar Media Intelligence, 2010a)
(Kantar Media Intelligence, 2011b)
(Kantar Media Intelligence, 2012c) Media Advertising Seasonality 2011 Spending from January-December 2011:
July-September:$1,850,000 (98.3%)
October-December:$32,700 (1.7%) (Kantar Media Intelligence, 2012c) Strengths Leading brand of healthy dips
High brand awareness
High brand image Weaknesses Majority of consumers are women
Have a limited advertising budget Opportunities Growing industry
Social media channel of advertising which is cost effective with a wide reach Threats Other brands with higher Share of Voice
Relatively expensive product in a damaged economy Marketing & Objective Strategies Target Market:
Current users
Potential users Sales Objectives:
23% sales increase Jan-Dec Strategy:
Increase reach to gain potential users
Promotional Events
Social Media
Traditional Media Advertising: Communication Objective Increase brand reach 15%:
NFL Tailgate Tour
Advertising through NFL football season Capitalize on brand awareness:
Create an active social media
Facebook Advertising Objectives: Creative Strategy Captivating adventurous tone
Continuing the "Adventure Awaits" campaign Attract potentials with Mediterranean flavors
Positioning: Social Events
Healthy Plan Scope Plan Period January-December 2013 National Public Relations efforts
Aggressive social media campaign
Traditional Media Regional Contests & Promotions Local Outdoor media
Word of mouth
Coupons Media Advertising Budget Traditional Media:
$3 million
IMC & Non-traditional Media:
$1.5 million Target Audience Potential Users Demographics Male
Ages 18-49
College Graduate
Midwest Region Psychographics Health Conscious
Sports Fanatic
Values Family Tradition Media Usage Television
Print Ads
Internet Blake Ryan Geographic Emphasis Currently
Northeast: 1,197,000 total users(38.8%)
South: 973,000 total users(31.6%) Traditional Media Plan
Advertise heavily in the Top 10 DMA
(New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Francisco-Oak-San Jose,Boston, WashingtonDC, Atlanta, Houston) (GFK/Mediamark Research & Intelligence, 2011) JAR'D Plan Calendar Plan For Evaluation Pre-Plan Analysis
MRI+ to check media mix Post-Buy Analysis
Verify Schedule Custom Consumer Research
Focus groups & Surveys Marketing Objective
ROI analysis Traditional Media Vehicles Network Cable Prime TBS (28.2% down, 104 Index)
TLC (23.1% down, 112 Index)
Lifetime (27.6% down, 111 Index)
Food Network (29.1% down, 110 Index) Net Radio Morning Drive Local news & sports radio shows
Underwriter on NPR
Local classic rock & popular music stations Internet Targeted Sites Amazon.com (20.8% down, 99 Index)
Ebay.com (15.5% down, 105 Index)
MapQuest.com (20.4% down, 106 Index)
FoodNetwork.com Magazines General Interest Family Cicle (12.1% down, 116 Index)
Food Network Magazine (5.2% down, 116 Index)
National Geographic (13.5%, 98 Index)
People Magazine (23.1%, 113 Index)
Parenthood Magazine (15.1%, 109 Index) IMC & Non-Traditional Vehicles Guerilla Marketing/ Special Event Combo Sabra Adventure Truck will stop at NFL stadiums across the U.S. to tailgate with fans on gamedays Social Media Coupon Facebook Tear-pad Coupons Safeway
Kroger Point-of-Purchas Display End caps of same stores listed above Sampling BJ's
Costco "Fun with Sabra" Contest Facebook (Data provided by MRI+, Ready-to-Serve Dip Category) Thank you! JAR'D
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