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Gen. Pres. MfG 2016.09.05

No description

Gabriele Pavan

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Gen. Pres. MfG 2016.09.05

Massenza's Reliability
You can work with our equipments for more than 30 years
Since 1921

Massenza's Spare parts Manual
All the components of the rig are designed in 3D: to order a spare part will be very easy
Key points
Why Massenza?

in the world

1921 Sardinia
The first drilling rig
The first percussion rig
The first rotary drilling rig
The first hydraulic drilling rig
Mineral research division

Service rigs
Drilling methods:
Mud (direct and reverse circulation)
DTH Hammer
Core Drilling

Our dealers in the world
Massenza's Experience
We build good and relaiable drilling rigs since 1921
We were the pathfinder for many technical aspects (hydarulic transmission, double engine)
Massenza is focused on your special needs
Massenza's design can be modified in order to match the specific request of the market
Massenza's After Sales Service
If you need help there is always someone with the right answer
The maintenance of the Massenza drilling rig is easy, quick and economic

The cost per year for the maintenance and consumable items is around 2/3 % of the cost of the rig
Massenza's Training Package
For all our rigs we include a 2 steps training package

- 1st step: before the dispatching of the rig a Drilling Engineer and a Maintenance Responsable will be trained at our premises for at least one week. The main topics will be: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, safety rules

- 2nd step: one of our expert driller will perform at the job site the drilling operations for at least one month and will train the purchaser's drillers. The main topics will be: installation of the rig, safety rules, performing of the borehole, finishing procedures.
Residual value of Massenza's equipment
Our rigs keeps a very high value also after many years of working.
Because the market knows the quality, reliability and durability of our equipments
At Massenza we only use the best components
Main technical details
Rigs on crawler, truck or semitrailer
Double clamps
Mud pump
Many models of rotary heads
The chain supports
3,5 times the
max pull back
Many models of controls panels
Complete Hydraulic
Electrical fix and mobile
Radio remote
With air compressor on board and double deck engine
Drill pipes charging system
Tilting head
Under head charging arm
Rear charger
Automatic charging arm
Since 1921
Thanks for your attention
Geotechnical division
Depth roughly 200 m
Rotation completely manual
The drilling is made by a weight that is lifted with a winch and released on the ground

Depth around 250 m
Diameter 24"

A mechanical device gives the torque to special drill pipes called Kelly bars
The advancement of the drilling is made only by the weight of the drill pipe battery
Massenza has been one of the first company in the world to use the hydraulic transmission to power the rotation of the rotary head.
This has been an important revolution for the drilling field. Now all the high performance rigs are designed with this feature
This is a picture of our MI6 seen from the top performing a geotechnical drilling inside the water!!
MI45 in Australia performing mineral research drilling up to 2620 m with HQ drill pipes
We have got dealers and agent in more than 25 countries all over the world
Our MI45 with 45 tons of pull back in Australia performing a mineral exploration drilling up to 2620 m depth with HQ drill pipes
MI28 with 35 tons of pull back, up to 2000 m depth and rotary head 1200 rpm sent to Chile for phosphates research and extraction
MI4 in Venice (Italy)
performing geotechnical drilling
MI8 sent to French in 2014
- Tilting drill pipe stock
- Driving casing method
- Drilling up to 260 m

Service rig model MSR12
Why a service rig?
After completing the borehole there are many other jobs to be done: cleaning, drainage, installing of the submersible pumps. This jobs can be easily done with the service rig while the drilling rig is already on another jobsite performing a new hole.
This means:
- higher productivity (more boreholes done with the same drilling rig)
- less cost
- more profit
Drilling rig model MI9s assembled on Iveco truck with special desert tyres on a seismic job site for oil investigation
Usually we assemble on crawler the smallest rigs.

Of course all our rigs can work both with the mud pump and the air compressor but this one in this case cannot be monted on board (in order to decrease the weight and increase the maneuverability)
Assembling on truck or semitrailer
All the necessary components (mud pump, air compressor, welding machine, etc.) can be mounted on board
- increases the productivity
- increases the safety
Mud pump model PM200
- 2240 lt/min at 20 bar with piston 7"1/2 and stroke 8"
- up to 120 bar with 4" piston
- rotation on bearings
- up to 100 stroke per minute
In more than 90 years we developped a big variety of rotary heads:
- for water well application
- for soil investigation
- for diamond coring
- for all the depths and diameters

The right head for your specific application!
Massenza was the first company to use the solution with double engine: one for the rig and one just for the air compressor.
Why to use a 700 HP engine when you are drilling with mud and the air compressor is not in use?
- less consumption of gasoline
- lower price of initial investment (2 smaller engines cost less than one big engine)
- less maintenance (a big engine needs more "attention" than a smaller one)
- if maintenance on the engine of the air compressor is needed the drilling rig can work with the mud pump therefore no stop on the production!
This means:
- reliability
- maximum safety
- less maintenance
- higher productivity
New rig MIP18
New rig MM4
This rig is unique in the world:
- auto-balance system to climb slops up to 45°
- Soil sampling for environmental analysis (direct-push).
- Aquifer water sampling (direct-push).
- Placement of aquifer water monitoring systems (piezometers).
- Interstitial gas sampling.
- Placement of interstitial gas monitoring systems.
- CPTu tests thanks to its automatic anchoring system and complete Pagani Geotechnical Equipment CPTu system.
More than a multipurpose drilling rig:
- shallow water wells
- anchoring
- micropiling
- percussion
- coring
Our market in
Our market in
All the structural components are checked with FEM analysis

If we find any part be weak we re-design it to obtain the maximum reliability
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