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No description

Asociacion MINU

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of IMPACT Chinna

New Challenges
New Opportunities
What did we learn from this experience?
Previous work in the subject
New areas of work
A different methodology
New educational target
Road safety education
Capacitation programme
Youth as a subject of change and creators of
How can we do to take all the positive experiences of working in road safety and drastically changing them to make them work in this new context
How can we get the young's people attention who are not sitting at school waiting for a workshop and make them enthusiastic with the proposal
New Places
New target participants
Inform as many young people aged 16
to 30 years about the reality of road
safety in Argentina, mostly in Buenos
Aires and surroundings.
Raise awareness about civic
responsibility that involves traveling on
a public road, either being driver, a
public transport user or a pedestrian.
Raise awareness about the dangers
and consequences of using different
substances when driving or circulating by
foot or other forms of transportation on
public roads
Given that many young people use bicycles
as their main form of transport; make and
especial effort to inform them about the consequences and preventions
necessary at the time of use of that
specific transportation.
Planing day with volunteers
From young people to young people
Public parks on weekend
Games and didactic activities
Inquest for participants
We would like to recognize the work of:
December 6, 2015
December 8, 2015
February 28, 2016
Alejo Solla
Mateo Tercero
Ignacio Mosca
Caterina Niello
Florencia Seguí
Charo Martinez
Guido Santonja
Pablo Boniscrontro
Sofi Lobo

Baltasar Greco
Gabriel Schraiber
Lalu Williams
Ezequiel De Bella
Ivana Schiffer
Oda Cuentas
Almendra Serón
Milagros Amato Soro
Parque Centenario
To implement activities outside of a school context
To approach young people with less formal proposals
To design shorts activities with the amount quality
and content
Thank You!
Diferent context
Opportunities for methodological innovation
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